Daily Recap: Tuesday

Echtra, picture by Alisaundra Andel
Echtra, picture by Alisaundra Andel

Tuesday turned out surprisingly busy for the Faire Folk well know how fast the days fly by and how precious the time in the Fairelands is.

The Literary Festival started off with Poetry Prompt, followed by a rare chance for all the Game of Thrones fans, “Building Imaginary Worlds” with Linda Antonsson, the co-owner of Westeros.org and co-author of The World of Ice and Fire. Later on we had a special tour to OtherWorld with Elicio Ember, the world builder himself. In the evening there was a reading by Shandon Loring and Caledonia Skytower. The Region Tours traveled to Serenity and Dangarnon.

On the stage of Sapphire Mirror Lake there were two popular performances: The Misfits and The Monarchs. If you haven’t yet caught any of our magnificent dance and particle shows, you’re missing out!

The Great Alliance’s Suitors for the Queen storyline advanced in Twilight Illusion as the suitors lavished the queen with gifts.

On the deck and dock of FaireChylde, we had an impressive lineup of DJs: DJ Silverfox, DJ Madonna, DJ Martin Glom, DJ Nyza Stillwater and DJ Holocluck Henly.

During DJ Martin Glom’s party something shocking happened! The Tiny Paw of Law arrested Zander Greene, one of the Faire Executives! I am somewhat uncertain on what the charges were, but my trust in our Pawlice is unshaken: certainly he had done something to deserve it! At first the Faire Folk were encouraged to pay bribes bail into RFL kiosks to get him out, but soon this changed into paying to keep him in.

Fantasy Faire 2016
Commander OldeSoul Eldemar guarding the cage: or trying to make Mr. Greene leave his captivity? Picture by Alisaundra Andel

The next thing that happened is that an attractive female of assumed human race (this is the Fairelands, you never know if they are dragons in disguise) landed in his cage! At this point Alia Baroque, the world builder of The Golden Delta, decided to add a thousand lindens to the bail for every woman going into the cage with Mr. Greene. Commander OldeSoul Eldemar of the Tiny Sheriffs Association matched the bails to liberate the women afterwards, for surely they had done nothing wrong, quite vice versa! Our resident paparazzi, Alisaundra Andel, recorded the whole thing in her flickr stream.

Fantasy Faire 2016
Mr. Greene pondering (and greatly favoring) the life in captivity, picture by Alisaundra Andel

The Faire Folk are known for their generous nature and the cage was soon full of women, raising the bail in total to over 40,000 lindens! Eventually the door was opened, and when that failed to make Mr. Greene leave his captivity, the whole cage was eventually destroyed to force him into freedom. “Best thing that happened to me in 8 years of Fantasy Faire, by FAR!” he was heard to say.

Fantasy Faire 2016
Faire Executive Zander Greene caged with women… and an open door, picture by Alisaundra Andel.

Wednesday turns out to be just as busy and entertaining, although it will be difficult to top that particular amusement!

In the Literary Festival we have another Poetry Prompt 11AM-12PM with Lesley Writer, The Writers Open Mic with Jilly Kidd and Adele Ward 2-3 PM and SL Flickr Photo Story Challenge for Beginners with Prettyflower Vale 3:30-4:30 PM. The Region Tours will travel to Dangarnon 10-11 AM and 5:30-6:30 PM to Bright Haven. All the Literary Festival events will take place in the Pavillion in OtherWorld, even the Region Tours gather there before venturing forth.

On the stage in Sapphire Mirror Lake we have two performances: The Night Theater’s “Fairytales Told” 11AM-12PM and The Monarchs “Adventures from the Lost Island” 8-9 PM. In addition there is also a stunning particle and music performance by ColeMarie Soleil that takes place on a special stage in Lucentia 3-4 PM.

The roleplay continues in three stories today! In Dangarnon 2-3 PM the Sanctuary roleplayers realize they need to venture to Hell for their quest, in Echtra 3:30-5:00 PM the Children and their Guardians are tracking down a scoundrel to recover the relics needed to bring back the seasons and in Serenity 6-9 PM the NeoVictorians are rallied to fight the Soul-Eater.

The FaireChylde hosts five parties today! DJ Holocluck Henly 11AM-1PM, DJ Elrik Merlin 1-3 PM, DJ Vasa Vella 3-5 PM, DJ Nyza Stillwater 5-7 PM and DJ Hazard Fizzle 7-9 PM. Come join them in rocking the dragon ship!

The voting for the King and Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire is now open and takes place in Sapphire Mirror Lake! Go make sure that the best man/woman/creature wins!

Check either Calendar of Events or Faire Happenings for daily event details!

Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 3,755,238 lindens by the end of the sixth day of the Faire. Keep up the fantastic work, Faire Folk!

The Fantasy Faire 2016 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: .Arcadia., Building Daydreams, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Curious Kitties, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, Empyrean Forge, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., KittyCatS!, The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, meadowWorks, Merchants of Dreams, The NeoVictoria Project, OtherSkin, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Storybook, The White Armory and Yasum Design.

Dangarnon, picture by Alisaundra Andel
Dangarnon, picture by Alisaundra Andel

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