Pets of the Fairelands – Baby Dragons

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Pets of the Fairelands - Baby DragonsAnother of my favorite things about Fantasy Faire is the sheer amount of little pets and creatures you can find, created by the various designers at the event.

I decided it was time to show off a few of the lovable little collectables, as I am sure there is a spot at all of your homes, just waiting to be filled with a new creature.

My pick today is from Bliensen + MaiTai. They have created these little baby dragons, there are 3, and each are a bit different in variation and colour.

Included in each package you will get a rezzable ground version, as well as a wearable version for your avatar.

The dragon I photographed today is a 100% Relay for Life Charity Item.


Store: Bliensen + MaiTai
Designer: Plurabelle Laszlo
Item: Dragonbaby Fafnir
100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Visit Bliensen + MaiTai on the Lucentia Sim

 Photo taken on the faireland sim Tinkers Hallow



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