The Rise of the Blood King: Daily Updates

Monday, April 25th
The Threat, A Prophecy Foretold

Today as Martine kept company with the gypsy, many guests came to hear her words, The Gypsy Queen spoke of what might be done about the Red King, aka the Blood King, and spoke a prophecy.


Belial revealed his power mad streak, and was repeatedly cane poked by the old seer, and has likely now been cursed to a bad case of dandruff.


The prophecy is as follows:
A weapon forged in Hell…a very special weapon…must be blessed by Heaven…then it too must be wielded by someone VERY special…The warrior, to defeat the Red King, and make it so that he can once again be imprisoned, must be one who has Fallen… and Risen again.


Who this warrior is she cannot yet say, but she has said that the more who come to seek the weapon next time in the Maze of the Minotaur, and to do battle with the Blood King, the better the chances are that they shall be found!



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