Roleplay Updates: The Great Alliance – Part One: The Queen’s Dilemma

from the home of The Great Alliance in Twilight Illusion

Friday, April 22nd
A sumptuous table is set for tea, as the lords and ladies of the Court of Light join Queen Comet. Greetings are exchanged as they all make their way to the table, while the Lady Cia and the Queen’s Physician, Lady Malada, make sure that all is well for tea. The Guards Durland and Katina take their places as the subtle verbal sparring begins. Some of the guests choose to merely watch the the courtly graces covering the political machinations of the members of the court and of the guests at the table.


Once everyone is in place, the Queen speaks, telling them all, “I have called you all together today for something rather important..well it is to me. It would seem that the Dark Prince has been busy with a plot to force me into marriage with him and make him king, or I shall lose my lands.” The Ladies quickly tell the Queen that they anticipated this and have invited suitors that she might consider and marry before the Dark Prince’s plot can come into play.

One by one, the suitors announce their intent to court the Queen for her hand; the dashing and handsome fair haired Prince Vindonus Lianelis, The Dwarven King Bump Wumple, a northern barbarian Prince Zarg, and the dark haired but dashing Prince Kelamoris Miliandrovic of the distant kingdom of Alabaster.

^9CD7B4DD49D32DA5F9F0BC73193533CD73E0C2F0F6C1F27CB9^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrOnce the Queen has been presented with the choices, the ladies determine that they wish to test the suitors, to make certain that the one who is picked will be worthy of the Queen. The suitors are invited back to an evening of manners, questions and dancing where they will try and win the queen’s favor.


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