Roleplay Update from Echtra: The Grey Prince

Sunday 24th April

Summoning Picture 1

The Children of Echtra, their guardians, and travelers from beyond the Mists of the Faire came together to summon the Grey Prince. They would request with humility where those before them had failed with violence and were transformed into tiny hedgehogs.

Summoning Picture 2

Summoning Picture 3

As the children and visitors sang, danced, and gave tribute to the Grey Prince the bonfire grew stronger and stronger.

Summoning Picture 4

Summoning Picture 5

Everyone could feel the magic at work as the ritual stones began to glow brilliantly igniting one after the other. Hope was returning until the bonfire appeared to crumble.

Summoning Picture 6

Hope was lost, only four of the stones had activated. But their guardians assured them that the wood was no longer necessary to make the fire of hope burn. The fire continued to grow until all six stones had activated.

Summoning Picture 7

Summoning Picture 8

Finally the giant figure of the Grey Prince appeared in the skies for everyone to behold. He spoke of how the joyous ritual had restored the memory of the time when he was the Winter Prince. Long ago he took turns regulating the seasons beside his sister the Summer Princess who has been lost and forgotten.

After she had departed he took up her burden to hold Winter and Summer in balance, and became the Grey Prince. He was overwhelmed by the burden and how much he missed his sister and Gloom began. His final words before vanishing was how he missed his sister.

Summoning Picture 9

Remembering the second broken statue in the village, the group made their way to the landmark. There was nothing they could do now for the destroyed statue. The Guardians and others sensitive to the unnatural stone would search for the pieces while a watch was kept upon the remaining fragments.

Summoning Picture 10


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