Daily Recap: Sunday

Sapphire Mirror Lake
Sapphire Mirror Lake – picture by Alisaundra Andel

Sunday wrapped up our first Faire-weekend of the year with a high note: over three million lindens relayed!

In the Literary Festival there were two readings, one by Lori Alden Haluta (Ceejay Writer) and another by Boudicca. There was also Self-expression & Discovery through Poetry & Stories with RedGoddess and Michael Roman as well as Literature Alive with Desideria Stockton. The Region Tours journeyed to Twilight Illusion and Echtra.

Sapphire Mirror Lake hosted two stunning performances: Lady Garden Cabaret and the ChangHigh Sisters. If you haven’t yet been to any of our dance and particle shows, you simply have to! They continuously stretch the limits of what you thought is possible in Second Life.

Lady Garden Cabaret at Fantasy Faire 2016
Chandra Meehan as the Shadow of Peter Pan in the Lady Garden Cabaret, picture by Alisaundra Andel.

On the roleplay front the Children of Echtra managed to summon and confront the Grey Prince, hoping to return the seasons to the gloomy land of Echtra. The Great Alliance continued challenging the Suitors for the Queen in Twilight Illusion.

Fantasy Faire 2016!
The Rickety Weasels succeed in summoning the Grey Prince! – picture by Avariel Falcon

On FaireChylde, our amazingly epic party ship carried by a dragon, DJs Lord of the Lamas, Magdalena and Nyza Stillwater kept the Faire Folk partying. There was also DJ Trader Whiplash’s Relay Rap as the Voice of Relay brought his weekly show about Relay community to the Fairelands! He talked with a host of Fairelanders, including her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, and he also auctioned off a makeover for himself: one that he has to stick with for the rest of the Faire. Zander Greene won this privilege, and we are waiting to hear and see what he will come up with!

Relay Rap at Fantasy Faire
Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, Zander Greene and DJ Trader Whiplash – the picture by Holocluck Henly

Today we have another amazing lineup of events for you!

Monday’s Literary Festival begins with a reading by Nova Mitchell (Ryanna Foxclaw) at 8-9 AM. At 11AM-12PM Lesley Writer will hold a Poetry Prompt where people are given a prompt word and they get twenty minutes to write about it. Poetry theme continues 3-4 PM with a line-up of well-loved poetry performers reading their favourite fantasy poems in the Sound of Poems. At 7-8 PM there will be a reading by Gyro Muggins, a selection from “The Orphan” by Charles Stallman. At 10-11 PM the day wraps up with Virginia from Innsmouth reading The Festival by HP Lovecraft. All the Literary Festival events are held in the Pavillion in OtherWorld.

The Region Tours head to Echtra (10-11AM) and Serenity (5:30-6:30 PM). Both tours begin with a gathering in the Pavillion in OtherWorld before heading out.

A very special trip to Sapphire Mirror Lake will take place today at 1-2PM. Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis share the legends and stories they have created for Sapphire Mirror Lake and hope to inspire you to write your own!  If the centaur skeleton or the colourful figures of Sapphire Mirror Lake puzzle you, if the world makes you curious, this is the event to attend! The tour gathers first in the Pavillion in OtherWorld, then moves to Sapphire Mirror Lake.

FF16 Sapphire Mirror Lake - II by Caitlin Tobias
Sapphire Mirror Lake – picture by Caitlin Tobias

The very same world hosts all of our dance and particle performances, the stage set right in the middle of the sim, audience area full of comfortable seats. Today there will be The Night Theater’s “Fairytales Told” at 11AM-12PM, Sky Fire’s “Lucid Dreaming” 2-3 PM, The Misfits “The Rest of the Story” 5-6 PM and The Monarchs “Adventures from the Lost Island” 8-9 PM. All the performances will take place in Sapphire Mirror Lake.

In the roleplay stories we have Sanctuary’s and The NeoVictoria Project’s continuing today. Sanctuary roleplayers will assess the threat of the Blood King 2-3 PM in Dangarnon and the NeoVictorians use magic and science to understand the nature of the danger threatening them and their city 6-9 PM in Serenity.

Party-wise we have four DJs lined up for you: DJ Silverfox 11AM-12PM, DJ Madonna Milena 1-3 PM, DJ AineMari Flanagan 3-5 PM and DJ Gem Sunkiller 5-7 PM. All the parties take place on FaireChylde, the ship carried by a dragon, docked in OtherWorld.

Check either Calendar of Events or Faire Happenings for daily event details!

Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 3,231,510 lindens by the end of the fourth day of the Faire. That is over three million lindens and raising steadily higher! Keep up the good work, Faire Folk!

The Fantasy Faire 2016 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: .Arcadia., Building Daydreams, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Curious Kitties, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, Empyrean Forge, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., KittyCatS!, The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, meadowWorks, Merchants of Dreams, The NeoVictoria Project, OtherSkin, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Storybook, The White Armory and Yasum Design.

Tinkers Hollow1
Tinkers Hollow – picture by Alisaundra Andel

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