Roleplay Updates: The Great Alliance – Part Two – A Test of Courtly Manners

Saturday, April 23rd
In the elegant grand ballroom, Queen Comet and her ladies await the suitors when a debonair Bard approaches the Queen and introduces himself as Gage of the The Far Reaches.

GA 1

A hush falls over the crowds as Pelinor, the Head of the Queen’s Guard clears her throat as the courtiers flow into the pavilion… “Please welcome Her Most August Majesty the Queen! Tonight…. suitors, courtiers and ladies will join in dance as we enact a Test of Courtly Manners to scrutinize the would be King of the land! The Suitors will be challenged by our ladies in acts of song, poetry and courtly grace!”

GA 2

Lady Cia checks with the ladies making sure each of them has an adequate selection of the the very rare light blue roses that have been chosen as a sign of the ladies favor. She glances to the merchant at the edge of the crowd who she suspects is doing a fine business in selling roses to those who wish to give the suitor they favor a boost.

GA 4

As the suitors begin to step forward and present themselves, Lady Malada suggests that perhaps the Bard might make a fine suitor as well. A lively debate ensues until the Princess Ivy observes, “He doesn’t necessarily require the skill to be King… only the skill to make a Prince with the Queen…” The Ladies all agree that the Bard should be added to the list as he was well spoken and a delight to the eye.

GA 3

The evening progresses with the Ladies dancing with the various Suitors, asking them questions and bestowing favors for answers that please them. The Dwarf King delights one and all by producing a set of stilts for dancing, thus solving the issue of his height. The couples dip and sway in time to the music, flirting and answering each in turn. As the hour grows late, the Queen calls for a counting of the favors, and it seems that the fair elf Prince Vindonus Lianelis has collected the most favors. It is noted that the time for poems has been danced away, so the Ladies decided to hear them at a later event, and to keep the contest of favors open.

GA 5





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