Sapphire Mirror Lake, beneath the surface

Sometimes it is good to be a bit clumsy! This afternoon I was admiring the wonderful artwork and Gallery in Sapphire Mirror Lake, the arts and entertainment sim, when I tripped over a rock (and lost a new shoe!) and fell in the water.

Fantasy Faire 2016 Sapphire Mirror Lake - II - Blogpost!

As I was trying to attach my shoe back, I ended up on the bottom of the lake. It is a good thing my mesh hair and new outfit are waterproof and once I got my shoe back on I realised I was lucky to have fallen ……Under the surface of this epic lake is a whole other world.  And another gallery with artworks!

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Underwater gallery @Sapphire Mirror Lake

Of course, normal – not clumsy – visitors will use the official entrance, but hey hoo…I thought I was pretty lucky to discover all the underwater-goodness and better: my camera still worked and I was able to make a video of it!

Have you been there yet? No, you say?! Oh come on…here is a Slurl!


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