Roleplay Update: Sanctuary in Dangarnon – A Trip To Hell, Warnings Ignored


The Gypsy Queen came again. This time not to tell, but to show of the birth of the Blood King. As Martine was serving refreshments to the various heroes and villains coming to learn of the Blood King’s origin, Belial stormed in threatening to rob them all and claimed that the Gypsy and Martine were lying. The Gypsy then opened a portal to the past allowing those that had come to see the battle of heaven and hell and where the Blood King was born.

The Blood King

As the group watched the battle of one particular angel and demon, they saw in the corner that the blood that had fallen from the two had begun to pool and form into the Blood King; formed from endless hate and pain from both angels and demons that had fallen in the great battle.


The Blood King had only one desire – destruction of all creation. It formed it’s armor from the bones of angels and poison from their tears. It was truly an abomination walking the earth only to bring death and destruction. As the scene ended the Gypsy proclaimed her strength was gone and she would need time to recover. She told the various heroes and villains that were assembled to come back Monday and she would deliver a plan to defeat the Blood King once and for all. Hopefully it won’t be too late…


Join us in Dangarnon for the next exciting chapter of The Rise of the Blood King on Monday, April 25th at 2pm slt.


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