Recap from Echtra: The Children’s Tales

Saturday 23rd April


The Children of Echtra gathered to tell their stories to those who would listen. Travelers of all shapes and sizes traveled to share in the tales of how this land was formed and the terrible curse upon it.

You can read all the tales here.


It was there that we learned the tales of the Grey Prince freezing the Dragon of Time and the curse placed upon the adults of Echtra. Strifeclaw, Gaurdian of the Earth Stone, ended the tales by leading the group to the Sacred Forest and telling the final tale of the once beautiful realm.

Only by coming together and summoning the Grey Prince can they hope to end their curse which takes all happiness away and leaves only a depressing Gloom in its place.


What Happens Next?
The Grey Prince, once worshiped by the people of Echtra, is believed to be the cause of the Gloom that has covered the land.  He is also the one that has turned the adults into hedgehogs for their lack of respect in charging him with their plight.

The children have learned that they must summon the Grey Prince and request with humility that he remove his curse.

Can the summoning be successful in such a realm where happiness is quickly replaced with sorrow?  Join the children today at 2 pm SLT to aid in their summoning and give them the strength and aid to combat the terrible curse.


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