Irina reporting from Fantasy Faire

Fairelands calling, Fairelands calling! My name is Irina and I work for the prestigious Fairytale Gazette newspaper. My boss has sent me again in Fantasy Faire to write a reportage, although he made me first read a kilometer long parchment about proper conduct in public events, and gave his usual sermon about me being a representative of the newspaper so I’d do well to not to embarrass myself, so I’m arriving a little late.

I’m a woman, so -of course- first I’m going to shop for a bit. Carrie’s Lingerie in Serenity has a gorgeous set of undies for sale, so much more feminine than the granny-designs my Ma has instructed me to use. “Lads won’t get funny ideas when yer wearing these.” she says, but after I see the alluring lace ensemble – and the shop assistant assures me that even my scrawny figure will look alrightish in it – I just have to get it. I’m about to take some scenery pictures at Serenity when two rather large and loud women pass me, talking about a new jewelry at Musa. I almost forget my camera when I rush to the Golden Delta to see it, because I just love all the pretty baubles. The shop assistant recommends a dress from Boudoir with the jewelry, so I hastily make my way to Lucentia.



I’m at the dressing room, when I hear the other clients shouting about a fire. A FIRE!! I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!! I grab my bag and my dress, unfortunately the latter gets stuck at the dressing room door, and so I run to the street in my brand-new undergarbments. The possibility of a fire has attracted many curious by-standers near the store and just when I thought my luck can’t get any worse I hear first “Hey, isn’t that the silly reporter who always makes a fool out of herself everywhere? This will so go in my facebook, and twitter, and snapchat and and and .. !” and then various clicks when the crowd starts taking pictures to flood their socialmedia pages with.

A rescue arrives in a form of sheriff who announces there was no real fire to begin with, only a wizard with some difficulties to control his illusions. I gather the remnants of my pride and march back to Boudoir, determined to give hell to the inept mage, only to see he’s twice my size in both height and width! I curse under my breath, retreat back to the dressing room to get my dress and my camera, and wait for a good hour for the crowd to disperse, until I slink outside to take a few pictures, cringing at the mere thought of my boss’ reaction when he learns about my latest endeavor.








Worn items available in Fantasy Faire


Gown: ::B&C:: Isabella Gown – XS – Green @ Dangarnon
Jewelry: !Musa! Seraph Pendant and Earrings (silver) @ the Golden Delta
Lingerie Applier: Carrie’s Lingerie – Horny Devil Lilac @ Serenity


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