Faireland Transformations – Tiny Spotted Red Shroomie

FF m

My second transformation this faire was into a mushroom. Or maybe I should say shroomie, but it didn’t feel like it had the same shock value.

Yet again, I have shackled myself into a tiny little avatar. It seems to be the running theme for me, this faire. I think I have been in about 5 already, on my tours.  I will say that it isn’t anything out of the norm for me. I have been known to wear dead zombie goldfish avatars at Haute Couture events, what is a lil mushroom in a small corner at a Fantasy event?

The best part, which I highly recommend, is walking up to someone, but just stay slightly out of range, as they are browsing the wares of a booth. Sometimes you will get lucky, they will turn your way, and go “Oh, I didn’t see you there.”

Other times, depending on the avatar you choose, they will start running. This is a common response from fashionistas. I use to haunt The Dressing Room(before the re-management) just to watch the girls try to avoid me, running from room to room.

The response of today at the faire was “Are you hallucinogenic, and if so, can I lick you?”

Haha, only at Fantasy Faire will someone ask to lick a strange walking mushroom.

My favorite part of this avi is the AO(Animation Overrider). When you do turns in it, your one little leg goes out to the side, and you pivot sideways on the other.


The Fairelands have always been a place to welcome all types, and you will see many of the littler folk flitting about, on your journeys through the faire.

Join in on the fun, and grab your very own Tiny Panda Avatar. All proceeds from your purchase of this avatar go to Relay for Life.

Store: Polenth’s Mushporium
Designer: Polenth Yue
Item: Shroomie Avatar: Red with Spots
Exclusive Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Visit Polenth’s Mushporium on the FF Breeze Sim

 Photo taken on the faireland sim Tinkers Hallow


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