Daily Recap: Saturday

OtherWorld - picture by Alisaundra Andel
OtherWorld – picture by Alisaundra Andel

Saturday filled the Fairelands to the brim on several occasions as the word had spread out of the wonders and entertainment available in the Faire.

In Sapphire Mirror Lake there were four stunning dance and particle shows: The ChangHigh Sisters “Fantasy Fire Show”, Shadows Silhouettes “Born on the Bayou”, The Night Theater “Fairytales Told” and Mahal “Freedom”.

Roleplayers continued to puzzle out their mysteries: there were stories of Echtra shared, warnings ignored in Sanctuary’s story in Dangarnon and the Great Alliance issued the first challenge for the Suitors for the Queen.

The Literary Festival held Region Tours to Lucentia and Twilight Illusion, Poets’ Plunder with Klannex Northmead, Coldshot Players modernised version of The Tempest and Tall Tales of Pirates with Ceejay Writer.

The highlight of the day was A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance by the Fairelands Players. Saturday had been declared Shakespeare Day to mark the 400th anniversary of the passing of William Shakespeare. To celebrate this event Fantasy Faire Radio and the Literary Festival produced a version of the play that still today is the foundation of many fantasy concepts and stereotypes. The whole play was livestreamed by AviewTV so that the people who did not fit in the audience could still see the performance.

A Midsummer Nights Dream
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – picture by Sonya Marmurek

The play was followed by a fae parade where a continuously growing procession of unruly faes stormed from one Faireland to another, dancing their way through them all to the tunes of DJ Gemstone Sunkiller.

The other parties were held in the dragon ship FaireChylde with the help of DJs Zander Greene, Nyza Stillwater and Lord of the Lamas, who kept the Faire Folk dancing until Saturday slowly shifted into Sunday, promising another busy day!

The Literary Festival is full of events, starting with readings by Lori Alden Holuta (Ceejay Writer) 11AM-12PM and Boudicca 1-1:45PM. You can also join in Self-expression and Discovery through Poetry & Stories with RedGoddess and Michael Roman 2-3 PM and Literature Alive with Desideria Stockton 4-5 PM. There are also two Region Tours: 10-11AM to Twilight Illusion and 5:30-6:30 to Echtra. All the Literary Festival events take place in the Pavillion in OtherWorld, even the Region Tours gather there first before setting forth.

In Sapphire Mirror Lake we have two performances: 11AM-12PM Lady Garden Cabaret and 1-2PM The ChangHigh Sisters “Fantasy Fire Show”.

Roleplay continues in Echtra and Twilight Illusion. The Children of Echtra confront the Grey Prince in their Quest to bring the seasons back to Echtra today 2-3:30 PM and in Twilight Illusion the Queen issues her second challenge for her suitors.

FaireChylde keeps on rocking, today with the help of DJ Lord of the Lamas (Danielrazorfang) 11AM-1PM, DJ Magdalena 1-3PM, DJ Trader Whiplash 3-5PM and DJ Nyza Stillwater 5-7PM.

DJ Trader Whiplash, the Voice of Relay, brings his weekly show about the Relay community to the Fairelands. Join us 3-5 PM as Trader talks with a host of Fairelanders including Faire Director Elizabeth Tinsley! Her High Faireness, herself!

All the DJ parties take place on the deck and dock of the dragon-carried ship FaireChylde in OtherWorld.

If all these events don’t keep you busy, remember that The Fairelands Quest: The Tale of Exiles started yesterday and you can purchase the adventure HUD from any of the landing points to send you on your way!

Check either Calendar of Events or Faire Happenings for daily event details!

Fantasy Faire has relayed L$ 2,821,614 lindens by the end of the third day of the Faire. Keep up the good work, Faire Folk!

The Fantasy Faire 2016 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: .Arcadia., Building Daydreams, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Curious Kitties, Dark Unicorns of Lovelace, Death Row Designs, Empyrean Forge, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., KittyCatS!, The Looking Glass, The Lost Unicorn Gallery, meadowWorks, Merchants of Dreams, The NeoVictoria Project, OtherSkin, Roawenwood, Safe Waters Foundation, Sanctuary RP Community, Solarium, Storybook, The White Armory and Yasum Design.

Serenity – picture by Alisaundra Andel

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