Ye Merry Lasses of Backstage…

… this one is for you. Do you know what I enjoy even more than the Fairelands, the stunningly beautiful sims, and the merchandise whose beauty defies every word that a blogger might have in her vocabulary? It’s the Fantasy Faire Backstage group chat. You cannot imagine how often the contents of my coffee mug have landed on my keyboard IRL, I was laughing so much while merrily babbling along with you. You’re smart, you’re wickedly funny, and gentle…

FF 2016 - Her Faithful Dogs

… and do you know what else you are? You’re wise, and you’re unimaginably strong. Because, between two giggles and a hilarious pun, you talk about pain, medical treatments, hope beyond hope, desperation and those moments when-I-thought-I-was-to-give-up-and-somehow-I-did-not. Many (frightfully many!) of you are cancer survivors. You’ve experienced what I’m experiencing now, your heart thumping before the results of the last scan arrive… is “It” back? Am I still “clean”, or…? Some of you suffer from other conditions that promise prolonged pain and the slow loss of physical abilities. Some of you are caregivers to a parent or a child who depends on you and needs your permanent presence… and sometimes they are impatient, they leash out, and the target being hit is you… yet you are there for them each day, every day, offering patient and loving care.

… and you are here, too, the Fantasy Faire Backstage crew, you still find the energy to be more than active in SL, you build worlds, you move mountains, you find the patience to put minuscule prims together so that they become jewellery, gowns, avatars, and you’re funny, serene, accepting, wise and loving…

… thank you, O Merry Lasses of Backstage. I learn from you a lot, you cannot imagine how much, and I’m delighted and honoured to be one of you…

…and will someone please tell that Ankle Biter to stop harassing me? Her wee fangs are into me pixel flesh, and it huuuurts….! Ladies, I need your help, right now!


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