Swim with Me – The Start of the Journey

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Swim with Me - The Start of the Journey - 1

Far out in the ocean depths came the call, which was echoed far and wide. When it reached the ears of Riletta, she felt compelled to find it’s source.

She was a fast swimmer, her merline having some of the largest fins on their tails. She traveled far, but as the waters became murkier, and the bio-luminescent creatures started to come out of hiding, she knew she needed to find a place to rest.

She came upon a friendly blue whale, not too far out of adolescence, but old enough to have been run off by the females of his former pod.

“Tala, fellow creature of the waves,” said the Blue Whale in his melodic singsong voice.

“Alo, my cousin, how goes the currents in your place of rest?”

“Oh, they are fairly calm, if you have need to stop. If it pleases you, you may join me during the dark time. Just climb up on my fin. It is shallow here, I can surface for breath, without disturbing you much.”

“That is perfect. I will join you, for I have traveled far this bright time.”

“I traveled through the bright time myself, following a strange call. I did not know what creature could have made something ripple through the waters like that. We whales have somewhat of the same ability, but the feeling of it, it felt so far. It also felt important.”

“I too follow the call. I was tasked by my brethren to find out what it could be. I have asked many along the way, this bright time, and all but the sharks seem compelled to find the source. No one seems to know what it is.”

“The sharks will come soon enough, they will have to. They must follow their dinner. I will keep you safe for the dark time. Come the bright, you must be careful. There are so few of your kind left in our waters. Don’t become a tasty snack!”

“I wasn’t planning on it, but it is good advice, the sharks wont be the only thing to have to start following those who follow the call. There are bigger things out there, that lurk in the depths. You must be careful too. I have heard tales of things that would find even one as large as yourself a tasty morsel.”

“Ah, you flatter me, with this talk of largeness. I am at least large enough to make a good bed and dark time guardian.  Come here now, and rest.”

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Swim with Me - The Start of the Journey - 2So Riletta took one last look into the dark, taking comfort in the glow of the creatures just starting their wakeful journeys. Do even they, the small ones, hear the call?

It was something else she would have to find out. Her mother would want to know all she could possibly know.  Stroking the crystal encrusted sell attached to her belt, knowing she will have to report some sort of finding back to her mother with it the next bright, she settled in on the pectoral fins of her new friend.

Long into the dark, some shades darker from when her slumber started, the call drifts out again, flowing over every creature of the waters, even those better left untouched.


An Original/Continuing story by Helena Stringer – With “chapters” being uncovered over the course of Fantasy Faire 2016

After Story Blabbery

I was inspired by the interview with Safe Waters Foundation, one of the Sponsors of Fantasy Faire 2016.

Why? well going into a bit of history of the pixels called Helena Stringer, my avatar itself is a space tentacle demon, but over her lore, she gained the ability to collect DNA from the different worlds she discovered. This was a survival mechanism, as many worlds didn’t want to harbour demons summoned by a race, used to destroy a galactic enemy, which lead to the destruction of the original race’s homeworld. There would be no welcoming parties for her and whomever else survived.

She visited many water world, in her time in the cosmos, and even encountered a few aquatic creatures who “swam through space. Her favorite DNA was from these creatures, and she often emulated them on other worlds. Not often, for she is a workaholic, have to eat somehow, but often enough.

She wasn’t a social mercritter, when she did sport fins. She preferred to find serene places to tread water and document the local surroundings.

She eventually joined a community, a forums of sorts, where she could post poetry, stories, findings, new places to swim, all sorts of mercritter things. She loved this place to gather, without actually gathering, as she could only put on her fins a few times a month. Again, workaholic.

Then this magical place, the only community she was ever a part of in this place called Second Life, was suddenly gone, and she was back to enjoying her meradventures on her own.

I know I am talking about myself in 3rd person, it is okay, as long as I am aware right? haha.

So the interview got to me. There is a whole underwater world to discover, set apart from what you normally do with your SL time. I might not dedicate much time to my extracurricular in SL, I work on things for my store, I co-own one of the oldest running SL blogs on the interwebs, I try to go sim exploring, so I can at least say I was there, before the sims go poof. It doesn’t leave much time for my fins. I do make the some time though, it is a joy. So I feel it is time for you all to discover some of that wonder, under the waves. Even if it is just in a scuba suit, of free diving.

What I hope to share with you, with this continuing story, is a new appreciation for that which you might not have paid attention to before. Be it items to wear, tricks to taking underwater photos or locations to explore.

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Swim with Me - Pacifique - 1

In today’s post, I explored a location called Pacifique. It was an amazing find for me, I haven’t ever visited the location before. You can tell the owner of the area genuinely enjoys all things under the waves. There is a crystal encrusted cave system you can swim through(though it is a bit tight camera wise), as well as little scenes set up here and there. They placed underwater backers in different areas, which I thought was a nice touch, to immerse you into the feeling of being under the water a bit more.

View more pictures of this location on my personal blog, Pixel Mythos.

Would you like to learn a few quick easy ways to soup up your own underwater shots? cause lets face it, taking photos underwater sometimes doesn’t feel like you are actually under the water. I did a little tutorial not to long ago, on how to quickly make your underwater shots look more believable.

You can find the tutorial on my other blog, Free*Style.

Now on to the goodies!


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Twisted Siren in Tarawera
Skin – Nephilim – Aurora Skin in Enchanted Tone – *NEW* RFL 100% Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Eyes – Winry’s Whimsey – Dragon/Gecko Eyes in Prism – *NEW* RFL 100% Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Lashes – AlaskaMetro – Diva Prim Lashes
Hands – Slink – Casual Pose
Nail Appliers – By Snow – Fashionable Black Nails
Tattoo – [Even-Tide] – New Dragon – FF Grape – *NEW* @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Tail and Outfit – TempT – Mishell Mermaid Set – *NEW* RFL 100% Charity Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Earrings – Rainy Fey Creations – Crystalrose Earrings in Amethyst – *NEW* @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Poses by Mien


8 thoughts on “Swim with Me – The Start of the Journey”

    1. It was a fluke that I visited today, but it fit so well with what I wanted out of a location. Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful spot.

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