The Festival of Dance and Particles begins today at the Faire!


Over the next ten days, we have a regular program of performances in Sapphire Mirror Lake on a stage above the waves.

Eleven different dance troupes and particle artists have come together to create the most amazing festival of fantasy performance art ever.

With 32 performances, at times ranging from 11am until 8pm, there is something for people in every timezone.

Check out the full schedule here.

The Performances begin today, with the Opening show by the Night Theater – Fairytales Told – Stories by Hans Christen Anderson at 11am SLT in Sapphire Mirror Lake. And at 2 pm SLT, ColeMarie Soliel gives her Music/FX performance in Lucentia. At 5pm SLT, the Misfits will be performing The Rest of the Story …  a Showcase of Theater Dance Art and at 8pm SLT, The Monarchs will be presenting their show, Adventures from the Lost Island, both on Sapphire Mirror Lake.

Explore a little and you will also find the most amazing galleries of Fantasy Art, deep beneath the waters!

In addition, there’s a fascinating story behind the beautiful Sapphire Mirror Lake, which the creators Haveit Neox and Lilias Artis will be sharing at the LitFest at 1pm SLT on Monday 25th April.




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