Tales From The Pavilion

Me at Tinker's Hollow
My first day at Fantasy Faire 2016 had been the traditional mixture of awe, mead, more awe, more mead and keeping a beady eye and a worried ear out for Elves, especially singing Elves. So far, so good on that front.

Today, I decided, would be a good day for a beard trim or some culture. I opted for culture, the beard trim can wait. A kindly being pointed me away from the nearest tavern and in the direction of something called LitFest, muttering something about my health. Apparently LitFest is a celebration of all things literary and if there’s one thing a Dwarfin likes, it’s a good old tale or two.

The location of this literary fest was a pavilion, where a crowd had gathered to hear tales from a little red monster by the name of Caledonia Skytower.

Caldeonia Skytower Reads
At first I feared it may be a trap, or a hangover. However the little red monster had a soothing voice and told quite the fantastical tale. I suspect magic may have been at play here, but I have no hard evidence of this.

Further tales will be told today as well as a short story discussion group followed by a region tour and hopefully mead, dancing and merriment! I do not know if any Elves will be making an appearance but if they do, be wary of them, as I’ve said many times, never trust an Elf … or a Halfling.

One human whom I’ve met over the years at Fantasy Faire goes by the name of Saffia Widdershins. I’m tempted to say you can trust Saffia, although I do have some suspicions that Saffia possesses magical powers. No ordinary human could be at so many events, for so many hours without some sort of magical assistance. I will get to the bottom of this one day!

Saffia Widdershins Listens

Tomorrow they are celebrating the works of a human by the name of Shakespeare, apparently he had a beard too. I’m told his work was very popular, I shall have to attend the festivities.

Now, off to find that nearest tavern and contemplate the rest of my day. Hopefully a tavern The Elves haven’t descended upon, did I mention that you should never trust Elves?


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