Roleplay – Sanctuary in Dangarnon: The Rise of the Blood King – Part 1: The Gypsy Arrives

From The Home of Sanctuary in Dangarnon

ff 001_008

Thursday April 21st
The Gypsy Arrives

Today the old Gypsy Queen came to show all and sundry the danger that awaits.

ff 001_006

Martine gave her tea and cookies while she told the story of the Red King, also known as the Blood King. He was imprisoned a very long time ago by the Sultan Lut in the deep desert. His prison is of crystal and is surrounded by an ever-raging whirlwind of sand as well as an army of the dead.

ff 001_025

The storm and army of dead won’t hold him for long, once the prison breaks. This time he’s not just after control and destruction of Sanctuary, but the myriad of worlds beyond.

The Gypsy Queen presented the visions to Martine and anyone brave or foolhardy enough to come and see. The prison, the glowing crystal within and the Red King raging inside. Some were not convinced. But Martine was and a demon as well, though she admitted she was trusting.

ff 001_016

Belial, of course, tried to throw a wrench into the warning and said that, “all vampires should just bring straws.”

The old Gypsy walloped him with her cane. He in turn threw her into the sands. She cursed him with diaper rash. He stalked away with sarcasm on his lips and scratching his backside.

ff 001_013

Come the 23rd at 4-5 SLT for the next set of visions of the Rise of the Red King, and a trip to Hell itself!


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