Faireland Transformations – Tiny Purple Panda


When I received my Fantasy Faire posters, I couldn’t help but think the unofficial theme of the faire was Transformations. That is what seemed to call to me, when looking at the scrolling images. People may see different things, when they look upon the sparkling boards.

The doorway, and those awaiting to go through, to journey to the reborn lands, newly risen from beyond the vale. All eager for the adventure, all ready for the new forms awaiting them on the other side.

When thinking on what I was going to do with my posts for the official site here, I decided I was going to take this unofficial theme of mine, and latch onto it. So among my many planned posts, Faireland Transformations will be one you all can look forward to.

My first transformation this faire is into a Tiny little Panda. I made more than a few fairegoers laugh, watching me bounce around landing points, and kamikazing into a lake.

The Fairelands have always been a place to welcome all types, and you will see many of the littler folk flitting about, on your journeys through the faire.

Join in on the fun, and grab your very own Tiny Panda Avatar. All proceeds from your purchase of this avatar go to Relay for Life.

Store: W-Zero
Designer: masaomi Ragu
Item: Animal Fairy Avatar: Purple Panda
100% RFL Charity Item only @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Visit W-Zero on the Echtra Sim

 Photo taken on the faireland sim Breeze


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