Let me …entertain you!

The Faire-lands have surfaced again – after being missed for a year and leaving me feel homeless –  and I am proud and feel so honoured to have had a look already, as I am one of the  Fantasy Faire Photographers.

Every year I think: ‘OOOOOH THIS IS  THE BEST EVER!’ And yeah, I think that again this year! Much love and hugs to the sim designers for creating the awesome builds!

I know, I know..I am teasing you, dear readers, but I cannot show you the photos I have taken yet. Patience is a virtue!

Let me introduce myself, as I will be appearing on this site during the Fantasy Faire!

My name in Second Life is Caitlin Tobias. I am an explorer, blogger, Dutch, and I love to take pictures. I will do my best to entertain you via this blog, during the Fantasy Faire, with stories about my adventures.

Well, for one….because I support RFL. And I love all things fantasy in Second Life, but mostly I care about RFL.
Being Dutch, I do not have a RFL in my country – we have a similar organisation for the same, but that doesn’t bother me.
I do not care who finds the cure  for cancer. I just want the cure to be found. Be it in the USA, India or Holland. Just…well, find the cure?!
Fantasy Faire 2016 - Blogpost

I relay for all those I have lost, close friends and family members and for all those who are fighting cancer now, and in the future. I relay for my Dad, his wife, my friends husband and for everyone who is facing a battle or has survived it. And I relay for those who lost the battle and who are so missed.

Fantasy Faire 2016 - Blogpost

I wish you all so much fun and enjoyment at the Fantasy Faire and I am sure you will LOVE the Faire Lands and shopping. Even if you are not into fantasy…go see it, make a donation for RFL and….have a good time. Life is good, life is precious!






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