Summoning Spirits of Sharing: Blogger Applications Open!

FF Blogger Applications 2

Every year we welcome almost a hundred bloggers into the early access to the Fairelands, to photograph and capture their beauty when they are still pristine and free from the Lag Monster. This year is no exception.

The Fairelands are wrapped in magic, and we wish to see photographers and writers embracing this spirit: embracing and sharing it with the rest of the world. Eleven days fly by every year too fast and so it is extremely important to spread the word, to invite people to come and enjoy the Faire while they still can.

We moved away from the obligatory assignments several years ago and are instead excited to offer you a variety of blogger challenges to inspire you, and to make your visit to the Fairelands more enchanting. Find your inner Faire Folk or new shinies, reminisce about the Fairelands past or share your reasons to relay! You can browse last year’s challenge responses in our Pinterest Board.

You can find the Blogger Info & Application here, come join us in the Fairelands!



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