Invitation to Imagination: Fantasy Art in the Faire


Fantasy Faire has always showcased the best of fantasy in Second Life. This strange shared world of ours is perfect for shapeshifting avatars and environments to whatever our imagination calls for.

For two years now Fantasy Faire has hosted a Second Life fantasy art gallery during its event-filled days. The first year the paintings lined the walls of the Palace of Tears, the second they were carefully stored in the galleries of Poseidon’s Abyss, evacuated from the sea king’s wrath.

This year the gallery will emerge in the Arts and Entertainment sim built by Haveit Neox. We are planning to have more artists than ever before, and we are asking for help in finding more Second Life fantasy artists!

We are looking for — in all its simplicity — fantasy art for Fantasy Faire. We are not interested in any other forms of art, this is FANTASY Faire. We are looking for Second Life pictures that look like illustrations for fantasy novels, pictures that inspire imagination, pictures that tell a story.

We want to display fantasy in Second Life, show how many different forms you can take here, how many wondrous worlds you can live in. The ideal picture for this would be taken in-world and featuring fantasy avatars interacting with each other or their environment, a capture in the middle of some events. Many other types of pictures are welcome, too, from cute pixie closeups to haunting sorceress portraits.

Since Fantasy Faire is a Relay For Life event, all the art displayed there has to be PG.

We never use art without permission. If an artist seems like a good match for the Faire, I will be in contact with them by sending them flickr-mail. We use the art in the galleries only if I hear back from the artists and they give us the permission to do so.

All that said, now we just need a lot of new names!

Feel free to suggest fantasy artists to us through this form.


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