May Day Masked Ball


Today, Friday 1st May at 5pm – 7pm comes a very exciting event – the first ever Masquerade May Ball, to be held in the beautiful Poseidon’s Abyss. Dance on the stage, above the waves – or take a little time to explore below.

Hosted by Ganrielle Riel, it promises to be one of the highlights of Fantasy Faire 2015.  The music will be streamed throughout the Faireland on Fantasy Faire Radio.

Final voting for the King, Queen and Chancellor will be open on Poseidon’s Abyss until 6pm, and the result will be announced before the end of the Ball!

If Poseidon’s Abyss is full, here are some other suggested locations

The Fairechyld on Wildehaven Marsh
The Ballroom at IchiGo IchiE
The Town Square in Poppetsborough


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