How is the Election Going?

That’s the Fantasy Faire election, of course – voting for the King, Queen and Chancellor of Fantasy Faire (aka your favourite fictional fantasy characters).

These figures are transitional – VOTING ENDS ON FRIDAY at 6pm SLT

Find out how YOU can vote here.

As of Wednesday morning, the voting accumulation looks like this:

Vote for the King!

FF-KING1-BKWulf3152 votes FF-KING2-GILGA350 votes FF-KING4-HAVELOCK3700 votes
FF-KING3-LEGOLAS260 votes FF-KING5-TYRION925 votes

As we predicted, the Girl Genius vote is split and Havelock Vetinari is edging into the lead. Tyrion Lannister has clearly not yet been able to draw on the reserves of Lannister gold, while Legolas is falling further behind. Is Legolas yesterday’s man?

Vote for the Queen!


Once more, the Girl Genius camp is split, allowing the Discworld’s Granny Weatherwax to edge into the lead. Maleficient is putting up a splendid showing – proving that you can’t keep a bad woman down? Sadly, once again for the Lord of the Rings party, Galadriel’s star is fading.

Vote for the Chancellor!

FF-CHANC4-GENIE151 votes FF-CHANC2-GREEBO1658 votes FF-CHANC1-KROSP565 votes

In the Chancellor category, Greebo (Nanny Ogg’s formidable cat, Discworld) is making a strong showing. but is being challenged by the clank (Girl Genius robot) Von Pinn. Kosp the Emperor of Cats, Treebeard and the Genie are all lagging behind.

Which will you vote for?

You can visit the vendors and place your vote in a special gallery under the waves at Poseidons Abyss.

OR you can pay via Convio.

Read more about how to vote here.

Remember – the final voting and the resultys will be taking place at the Masked Ball on Friday 1st May!



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