Lights, Camera, Fedora

Free Fedora

One of the things about being far away from Dwarfin lands is that you need something to remember the trip by. Hence why I have been happily been snapping myself in a free fedora which you too can get if you visit Sylvan Of Spells, home of literature at this year’s Fantasy Faire.

Like the other regions, this is a magical region. Indeed I even spotted a fairy by the name of Dee Linden hanging out in the woods earlier today. Alas I could not get my new fangled camera device focussed quickly enough to get a snapshot, but she was there, trust me, I’m a Dwarfin! I’m not sure if the fairy was working or observing, but it was a sight to behold.

However if you are a bit of a photo genius when it comes to the virtual world of Second Life you may well want to enter the calendar competition.

The competition is open until May 6th and gives you the opportunity to be featured in the 2016 Fantasy Faire calendar. There are thirteen slots available. This may seem odd at first glance, but there are twelve months and one cover.

However many of us just like to roam the lands, laughing, joking, avoiding singing Elves, frowning at Halflings and wondering whether we’ll ever find good Dwarfin brewed mead before the end of the event. That’s the beauty of Fantasy Faire, there’s something for everyone.

Fantasy Faire is also of course an event that raises money for the very good cause of Relay For Life and I’m quite gobsmacked to see that by day six of this year’s Faire L$ 4,116,291 (US$ 16,465) has already been raised. Thank you everyone for your generous donations.

Now back to the Faire to find adventure, danger, a princess and more importantly, magic … or mead!


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