Fiends Who Haunt the Night

There are stories of ghosts who come to love the living whom they haunt; tales are told, even now, of monsters who creep through the shadows, lingering just at the edge of the village. They have roamed there so long that some say by now they have come to love that which they once tormented. Ravagers, unearthly marauders turned silent sentinels to the realms of the living.

It is rare that they keep names for themselves. Perhaps, once, there were those who loved them, who whispered their names sweetly, offered prayers for their safe-keeping, wished for their prosperity.. but if ever they had them, they are lost to the passing of time now. The stories in which they loom are confined to horror, to myth and fairy tale – the wolves who snatches wandering girls in the woods, the wintry men whose icy blades can shatter the steel of men. They aren’t ignorant to the tales, to the loathing born by those they’ve come to love. No… they simply grow to love them in spite of it, or perhaps, like the victim who eventually worships their tormentor, because of it. Who can say who hunted whom first? Did the wolf snatch? Or did the hunter’s arrow pierce through that thick hide first? Men have their own beliefs, and they keep them long and well, but like the grey nights in which they roam, monsters know a different truth. In everyone there is a little monster… and so in everyone, there is a little beauty.

So they tarry along, no footprints sinking into the snow from which they watch. Bright blue eyes gaze through darkness, toward windows filled with hearthlight and smoke drifting up from crumbling stone chimneys. There was a time when these sleepy homes would fall quickly, helpless before the wrath of the monsters who roamed the dark, but now they remain, their endurance assured because of – and not despite – the fiends who haunt the night.

Credits (for full credits, check out this post at Egos Like Hairdos)

Skin: DLS – Caleb (Ceredil – Dark – Chameleon)
Clothes: Paper Moon – Runic Cult: Priest (Silver)
Necklace: Alegria – Dragonborn Necklace & Bracelets
Crown: Alegria – Pure Ice Crown
Weapons: Eldritch – Iceheart Brand, Eldritch – Pathfinder Staff

Photo taken in  Ravenshold.



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