Welcome to the Odyssey

Welcome to the OdysseyAlia Baroque’s (of Fallen Gods Inc.) Odyssey build at Fantasy Faire 2015 is absolutely stunning. The region is packed with amazing designers and more beautiful nooks and crannies than one could ask for! Ancient temples dot the sim and float above crystal clear waters with emerald waves. His temple is for sale too! Ah, it is perfection!

The Plastik released an amazing fantasy skin called Valari and these killer horns that are adorned with a baby dragon, Chrysophylax. My hooves hit the sim running and I left my friends with a trail of dust as I galloped through Sylvan of Spells. Day 5 of Fantasy Faire and I still have not seen everything!!! Irina and I will begin our reporting this week….. so stay tuned as we are sure to get into some grand trouble!

HAIR: Longfall Hair {Pastels/Common} by Tableau Vivant
SKIN: Valari Skin Femme {Vaaenri/Maitreya} by The Plastik ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Sylvan of Spells {April 23 to May 3}
HORNS: Chrysophylax Horn {Duo} by The Plastik ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Sylvan of Spells {April 23 to May 3}
NECKLACE: Dangara Necklace {Rare} by aisling
COLLAR: Dangara Collar {Rare} by aisling
TOP: Dangara Bra {snow} by aisling
CENTAUR: KOT Centaur ~ Available at KOT Stables
RINGS: Irina Ring Set by ieQED ~ Available at Shiny Shabby {April 20 to May 15}
TAIL: Delightful tail {Palomino} by Abaddon Art
BELT: Bayram Belt {black/silver/Rare} by The Forge
POSE: by me {nfs}

Pearl Grand Temple by Alia Baroque ~ Available at Fantasy Faire
Fountain Lotus {washwood} by anc ~ Available at Fantasy Faire @ Odyssey

Duchess Flux of Threads & Tuneage



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