The Origins of Sanctuary: Amazon Tales of Lut

Sanctuary FF12

The Sanctuary Amazons imparted their tales of Lut that had been passed down from generation to generation. Seems they were active in the realm even in those earlier difficult times, their sisters passing on tales in the tradition of sitting round the fire, ‘story talking’. They spoke of what was seen by their ancestors, the lust, hate, violence and many other sins that had doomed Sodom to be cursed by God. The story had been told of how an angel appeared one day and gave Lut the famous ultimatum to either leave Sodom with his family or perish with the others. Lut declared the importance of his family and the magical community, and how he was loathe to allow them to perish, but explained that he would do Gods bidding, and leave his beloved city. Was he being truthful? It seems the women had kept a small secret all those many years. Lut had been seen in those last days, moving about the city in disguise. What was he hiding? I have a feeling we’ll find out very soon! The Amazons did provide some much needed insight into Luts original goals for Sodom, and how he possibly strayed from those goals. The city was thought to have fallen, but it hadn’t, and Lut had a few good reasons for not letting this happen. In fact, he had many reasons for not letting the city be destroyed by God’s wrath. Reasons that sent him to make a deal with the Djinn. In the end though, we all know that its not wise to anger the big man upstairs.

Sanctuary FF14


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