Pawlice Corruption: Shocking Revelations About Dinkie Officers!

Innocent Victim Bun and evildinkiecat
Rynn Verwood, an evildinkiecat Officer of the Paw, and Sonya Marmurek, the innocent bun-nymph victim of the Pawlice corruption. – Picture by Sonya Marmurek

Every Faire visitor knows that the peace within the Fairelands is guarded by the fiercely wafflesome Tiny Sheriffs Association, led by the Commandant Xavian Starsider. The Tiny Sheriffs guard and protect the Fairelands, catch and imprison the miscreants for the general justice, allowing the Faire Folk to operate as the judge and jury. The bails can be paid straight into the RFL kiosks, and should it be high enough, the Tiny Sheriffs might benevolently free the criminals and pad away in search of more waffles wrongdoers. Surprisingly the worst offenders tend to be found amongst the world builders and creators. Perhaps it is a much needed balance after all the selfless work for the greater good, or perhaps there’s something more afoot here, something much more sinister and — dare I say? — corrupt!

The last few years the Pawlice have accepted dinkie cats into their ranks, which in general has been applauded as a cooperative expansion to include other breeds than tinies: perhaps one year there might even be Sheriffs of not small stature! However, disturbing news have always followed the dinkie-cat behaviour: reckless distribution of fines on clearly imaginary crimes such as too short dress hems or standing in the wrong spot at the wrong time. This year the misuse of martial power has grown to unforeseen levels!

Rynn Verwood FF Exec
Rynn Verwood, FF Exec – Picture by Alisaundra Andel

On top we have pictorial evidence of one Rynn Verwood, a dinkie cat officer of the Tiny Paw of Law, accosting a clearly innocent bun-nymph with false accusations of having dirty barefeet and having an unregistered business of yeyflags and lying to an officer when everyone knows bun-nymphs have always clean toes, yeyflags are an art form and they always tell the truth!

The situation escalated to such lengths that the said clearly corrupted officer threatened to make a coat out of the innocent bun-nymph and sell it to the highest bidder. Surely this is breaking any martial authority, even in the Fairelands!

When contacted with an inquiry about the Pawlice corruption, Commandant Starsider had this to say: “That’s not true. Our officers are good hard working men and women of the law, and only receive frightening levels of authority when they’ve had a good job performance review.” He then continued to address one of his officers: “Linn, thanks for bringing in that box of donuts to the station this morning. Here’s your license for frightening levels of authority.”

The reader might draw their own conclusions based on this statement, but the author calls for justice! Surely blameless nymphs must be allowed to pad around bare feet in the Fairelands!

Rynn Verwood performing a clearly evil dinkiecat Ritual Dance of Menace and Mayhem.

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