Third Sons

Shadows linger over the third sons.

So it seems in every family, from the highest to the most humble. There are those eldest, who inherit land, homes – sometimes whole kingdoms. Firstborn, the men graced with the names of their forefathers – Grasson II, Wyllam IV, Gregor III.  These are the sons coveted by noblewomen, the sons whose marriages forge alliances and shape futures. Even second sons have futures writ large – they become the lords of the great estates, they lead armies and take up residence, oft times, at the courts of Kings. These sons, too, are prizes for the women (and often, men) who seek their attention and affection.

Third Sons

It is not so with third sons. Third sons have humble names,  cast-offs, the names their softer mothers thought sounded sweet, or gentle, or beautiful. Melvan, Sowyer, Clytas, Hyphrar and Jacke and Hamysh. These unfortunate souls must forge their own path, one all too often uncharted, unknown at the time of their birth, for often there is no land left, and none clamor for the love of men who’ve name alone to bolster them.

And yet… some things there are which only third sons may do. Third sons may dream, let idle thoughts color night as well as day. Freed of a world of politics and prestige, third sons may scour the great libraries of their childhood homes, devouring books, writing their own. They creep into the lairs of maesters, peering over withered shoulders; they roam the woods alone, unmolested by attendants, hunting, watching, learning the way of wild things. Thus their sometimes quieter natures hide something not found in first sons who lead, or second sons who serve: only third sons may be themselves grow wild.

Third Sons

This is my first post for the Fantasy Faire website (hello, fairgoers!) but not at all my first post about roleplay – I write about it regularly over at Egos Like Hairdos. Throughout the fair I’ll be sharing posts like these – characters I’ve already had, characters in the works and inspired by the fair, as well as the worlds in which they live (sometimes these will be the fair itself – like Tangleshimmer Grove, above!).  I’m looking forward to seeing what stories others will tell – at and inspired by Fantasy Faire!

Credits (see this post at ELH for the full credits)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Jack (out now at Fantasy Faire)
Gorget: Stitched – Gorget (Lannister) (@ Fantasy Faire)

Taken in the Fantasy Faire sim Tangleshimmer Grove, by Searlait Nitschke.


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