Join Me On My Journey To Ithaca

This year, for me, the Faire will be different. This year, I am on a journey… an odyssey, if you like it. A long, perilous trip, filled with adventure, moments of desperation, monsters, pain and danger, and… and yes, merry encounters as well, moments of serenity, quiet talks with people I have known and loved for years, and people I have met recently, yet with whom a silent alliance has been forged in an eyeblink.

During the past years, Reader, I had been a frolicking presence at the Faire. Carrying some memories and worries, mind you, yet… essentially carefree. This time, I am one of those for whom the crowds have gathered. This year, I have cancer.

My Odyssey

This year, I am going to tell you about my travels in this new realm, carrying landmarks such as “IDC”, “HER Status”, “SERMs”, and so on… yet, despair not, o Reader. It is not going to be a grim tale; quite to the contrary. Please grace me with your precious company, and I shall do everything in order to make your time worthwhile.

Please join me on my long journey to Ithaca, the isle with the endless sunsets and perfumed evenings.


4 thoughts on “Join Me On My Journey To Ithaca”

    1. Ahoy, old travel companion! 😀 I was quite sure you’d be on board… so hoist up them sails, and shiver me timbers! The Magic Isles await!

  1. I will be there, on your journey while the Faire lasts and after that it will be in my thoughts.
    Thank you for sharing your story and your journey and I wish you all the best, strength and courage! Hugs!

    1. Thank you, my dear, and thank you so much for your storytelling, too! It is important we share our travel logs and journals, so that fewer and yet fewer sailors be lost at sea in the future. 🙂

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