For all those amazing people!

So, today I was really going to do a post with happy, cheerful stuff. I am still doing that! The thing is, after my first blog post on this site, I got stories, IM’s and emails. Of wonderful people in Second Life. New people and friends, sharing their experiences and thoughts not only about how cool the Fairelands are this time (again!) but also heartbreaking news about loved ones they lost and how much it means to them that the Faire is raising funds for the RFL.

Every sunrise is a new hope
Every sunrise is a new hope

So while I was having a good time at the ‘Jail and Bail’ tonight, enjoying the singing of Max Kleene while he was ‘captured’ by the Faireland Security and could be ‘bailed out’ by donations to the Kiosk next to his cage….I read the stories I received.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Faireland Sherrif and Constable @ The Jail and Bail
Fairelands Security!

Stories about loss but also about hope. About celebrating life and lives that ended (too soon), messages about comfort, finding peace and also moment of emptiness and plain good old fashioned anger on what had happened to them and their families.

I’ve got permission to share some, like this quote from a notecard sent to me:

‘On the day the Faire opened, my first stop was the Fairelands Junction. I turned on my windlight for a full experience. The underwater world was so colorful and impressive. I felt like an Indiana Jones- adventurer  discovering a Jules Verne world. Slowly, I found my way to the surface, and was so excited what awaited me there. When I, so to speak, surfaced, I was kinda struck from the sight. I looked on an apparently never ending water surface area. The sun rays were shining through the clouds like after a heavy storm. The black gondolas peacefully swinging on the sparkling sea waves. And in the air, there were hundreds of seemingly dancing colourful lanterns. My eyes filled with tears, and my only thought  was: ‘The ferrymen who accompany our lost ones, have brought all their souls together, here at the Faire, and let them shine on us, this project and its success. And once the Faire is over, they will slowly but happily and dancing, disappear on their journey into their new world. ‘

And then there is my dear friend Beth, who lost her brother earlier this week to cancer and she blogged the sad news last night here on her blog.

‘His name was Andy and he was amazing’

Fantasy Faire 2015 - YoZakura

The donations are going so well, I see the updates…going towards the 3 million Linden Dollars so fast and it makes me so happy and proud.

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Ichi-go Ichi-e - I

Donate. For the ones who still need the cure, the ones who didn’t made it, the future ones. They are all amazing.
So are you.
Fantasy Faire 2015 - Poppetsborough - III






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