Embracing The Power Of Words At The Literature Festival

Wildstar Beaumont and Me

There I was, wandering through a wooded area of Sylvan Of Spells when I heard voices in the distance. Fearing that this was a clandestine meeting of Elves planning on unleashing their songs on Fantasy Faire I did what any self respecting Dwarfin would do, I hid in the bushes. Admittedly this did elicit some strange glances from people passing by.

However, upon further investigation I discovered that this was not some devious Elvish plot, instead it was a quite beautiful example of the Literature Festival at this year’s Fantasy Faire.

The event I attended was an open mic event, featuring storytelling and haiku being told to a very diverse audience including humans, fairies, tinies and of course, Elves. However the Elves were on their best behaviour, but it’s early days in the Faire, give them time.

This is something that storytellers and fans of storytelling can engage with in an environment that may not at first glance seem to be a suitable one. However it works wonderfully well and I’d encourage fans of the genre to participate if they get a chance. There’s an opportunity to become immersed within the atmospheric setting and engaging words that a virtual world environment encourages, which adds a level of richness to storytelling that may comes as a surprise to some.

However, stay alert and don’t become too engrossed, because those Elves will break into song given half a chance.

The Literature Festival will be running throughout Fantasy Faire and fans of Sir Terry Pratchett should certainly try and make room in their diaries for Pratchett Day on April 28th.


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