Meet Our Sponsors: OtherSkin

Kaleidos Hope
Kaleidos Hope, the creator and owner of OtherSkin.

Kaleidos, the creator and owner of OtherSkin, shares with us her reasons to relay and sponsor, her history as a builder and sneak peeks of her Faire-wares.

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

The decision wasn’t difficult. When I heard that the Fantasy Faire was looking for sponsors, I didn’t hesitate and chose the sponsoring.
I wasn’t sure if they wanna have a small shop, as mine is, as a sponsor, but now I am lucky and proud, that I got the chance, being
part in the realization of a next Fantasy Faire.

My first faire experience, I mean my really first Faire experience, I had last year on the Fantasy Faire 2014.  I never went to fairs before and thought, this isn’t my world. But it was so great and inspiring, that I mutated to a fair junky. *laughs* The founder of this Faire was so tough, friendly and helpful, she gave me a really great start, I think I will never forget. 😉

Last year was hard for me, I lost a few month before my beloved father on cancer. This was also a reason why I decided being a sponsor this year. Now my hands are tremble….no it’s not easy, to go this way. It’s fucking hard, but I do, and OtherSkin does.

I chose the “Hope” as my display name Kaleidos Hope says. I wanna give the people outside hope and strength, wanna make them smile about little things, like jewel and let them forget for a moment, that there is pain in the world! I wanna see their sparkling eyes! Fulfilled with the truth, that only the moment counts, the one thing, You never loose!! Everything, that we take with us. I believe in another world after life and I know my father is now on a better place.
I think he is lucky, but I am sure, he try and I am sure, his world was build on all these memories, he was able to take with him.

So it try to live on, to collect all these beautiful moments, like the Fantasy Faire 2015 and doing my best, to support the American Cancer Society. I hope they will find a cure. One day they will be able to make all these cancer ill people and their family a present. More time to collect life! That’s what I believe in!

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

Aww, this is long time ago! Longer than Kaleidos Hope exist or OtherSkin. Yes this is my second char, but it’s okay for me, I needed a new start to bring me on that level I am today!

I registered in Second Life and after I rezzed my first prim, I was high. Sleep? Sleeping is overrated! A few days later I worked on my first shop design, I think being owner of a business was my deepest wish inside. I often remember on my first, never public seen shop, called “Skycube” and my first sculpty, a chess lady!

Then came my second shop design, again something about chess, but it also felt not right. I decided to leave Second Life. But one day I woke up and something deep inside of me told me to go back to Second Life, the voice didn’t stopped. I tried to ignore it, but it was useless, so Kaleidos Hope was born 4 years ago and with her OtherSkin.

Today I know it was the wrong name I chose first and I feel
well in my skin now. I wear black, I tried different skin tones, ornaments, sparkles, rainbows also, but I wasn’t able to find my peace in them.

Some time ago I decided to make a mannequin, I made her black, she only served for the work. But I came too close to her, she woke up, came to life and gave me my skin I was always looking for. I am skinner, I love skins and it’s my passion to create full avatars.
To my shame I must confess it’s long time ago I finished a new avatar. It is very time expensive and I think, I have to make a avatar break soon, to find the peace for the next upcoming avatar.
She is an angel and has a small story, you can read more about it in the next question.  I published only 4 colors and I am looking forward to publish the next 4 on the Fantasy Faire 2015.

Enough AD! Always the same with me. *laughs* The point I wanted to make is, I wanna give all the SL user out there the chance to find their own skin, something to love and to feel well inside, something you never wanna miss anymore, like I never wanna miss Second Life, OtherSkin and Kaleidos Hope anymore!

 What are you bringing to the Faire this year? Give us some sneak peeks or teasers!

As I told, I wanna publish the last 4 skin tones of the upcoming avatar “Satura”.  It’s new for me to publish a not finished avatar, but she is a bit different, I wanted the SL world being part of a birth, I wanted the people see her grow up and I hope she will be a beautiful angel. The skins are the first impressions I give, like the first ultrasound pictures of an unborn child. I hope You enjoy it! 🙂

Here is a link to a great blog by Helena Stringer, with the story about her: – Nothing Gold Can Stay –

Avatar Satura Skin

The second article I will bring is dedicated to the Relay For Life Of Second Life and to all people who had a meet with cancer. (Whether friends, relative, affected or attending physicians.) It’s a jewel set (earrings and necklace) and available in 8 pearl color tones. The motif is the Aesculapian wand. The Aesculapian wand stands for health, healer, physicians and so I see, for a cure. My desire is to strengthen the belief of our healers, they need all our hope and benefits.  They don’t have to give up searching for a cure. I believe in a cure! My hope does! Do You belief in?

Here a overview to all available colors:
– OtherSkin Flickr Jewel Aesculap –

Jewel Aesculap AD II

The third article I gonna publish on the Faire, will be a surprise, maybe a reason to come around? 🙂

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

It’s a secret. 😉 My story prevents me from talking about that.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

As I mentioned, it was a great impression for me, it was my first Faire experience and changed my mind. The people, the stunning sim designs and all the fantastic creators I met there. It’s a great thing, I am lucky being part of it again and I am glad that I got the chance to help collecting money for the American Cancer Society and the fight against this degrading and hurting illness. I am looking forward to a funny and amazing time, who takes us with it in other worlds, in dreams and in hope. Thanks for the interview and for listening.

Warm regards to all and my sympathy to those ones who know how it feels fighting with cancer.

Your Kaleidos Hope

Thank you, Kaleidos, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for joining us in the Fairelands and helping us fight for the cure!

Hope - A Portrait



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