I Remember: Looking to the Past, Looking to the Future

Fantasy Faire 2015 is just about to begin in just a bit over one day but before we look forward, let us take one last look into the past. I asked some creators, Faire organizers and Faire fans to answer some questions about what they remembered about past Fantasy Faires since it all began in 2009. I spoke to Zander Greene, Sonya Marmurek, AineMari Flanagan of MacMoragh and Muse, June Dion of Bare Rose, Skyler John of Mystic Sky, Piper Shan of Piper Shan Designs, Wildstar Beaumont – photographer extraordinaire, Selos Dae creator for [][]Trap[][], Theta Marseille from Mermaid Treasure, fantasy fan Anigma Eulenberg and even added a memory of my own.

Wildstar Beaumont, the unofficial Fantasy Faire photographer/historian since 2009 has kindly also supplied all photos.

What does the Faire mean to you?

“The Faire is how I honor my father who died of esophageal,stomach pancreatic and liver cancer, we got the diagnosis on July 3rd 1998 and he passed away on September 19th 1998. I am reminded of all the reasons why I remain a fixture in Second Life. Relay for Life and Fantasy Faire is where you see the true goodness in everyone that attends.” – AineMari Flanagan

“For my self, if I can help people. And one year ago, my father got cancer, (and is) fighting it now. So, it becomes more important to help.” – June Dion

“It’s quite inspiring to see people from all around the world come together and donate their time and energy to Relay for Life. I love exploring the sims that are designed for the event and seeing the creations that are set in the vendors for donation items. There are so many talented people involved in this event, its amazing what that group of individuals can do for a cause. I have been in SL now since 2007 and the Relay for Life Faire’s are something I look forward to year after year. We all relay for our own personal reason and I am proud to be apart of such a supportive group of people.” – Skyler John

What was your favorite Fantasy Faire sim ever?

“As so many others, I have too many favourites to list. How does one compare the glass lantern city of Titans Hollow to the serene Lotus Valley Dream, how does one rank the moments of watching the silent ships of Magnificat to the feel of hot sand in the air in Shifting Sands? How does one choose between the depths of The Tides and the heights of Hope’s Horizon? Fairelands are unique, each with their own flavor, each to be loved and lived in, but if I had to choose one, I would call them Saiygewoods, the changing forests that we have had in the Fairelands Junction for several years. I am a forest person and they fill me with soothing peace, wonder and love.” – Sonya Marmurek

Fairelands Junction_007
Fairylands Junction, 2013 photo by Wildstar Beaumont

“Every Faire has amazing sims especially Alia’s (Alia Baroque) works.” – June Dion

Sanctum, 2014 photo by Wildstar Beaumont

“Ah .. touchy question … As I said I love every single one of them, but I may try to single out a few Dark Mirage from 2011, The Tides from 2012, Lotus Valley Dream, Magnificat and Lumenaria from 2013 (2013 was AMAZING!), Palace of Tears and Medhir Woods in 2014.” – Wildstar Beaumont

Fantasy Faire 2011 - Dark Mirage_009
Dark Mirage, 2011 photo by Wildstar Beaumont

“One of my favorite memories was a sim called Magnificat. There were majestic fountains and sailing ships among ancient mausoleums. It was breathtaking.” – Anigma Eulenberg

Magnificat, 2013 photo by Wildstar Beaumont

“The year that most resonated with me was 2013, with the colorful floating lanterns sim I was fortunate enough to have landed a store in. Every year is an adventure of creative minds coming together in an event that constantly inspires and motivates me to do the best I can. Thanks to all who make this happen.” ([][]Trap[][] was on Titan’s Hollow that year.) – Selos Dae

Titans Hollow_007
Titan’s Hollow, 2013 photo by Wildstar Beaumont

“My favorite sims have of course been all the underwater builds, especially the Sea of Mer in 2011. That was dream build and I enjoyed spending time photographing there.” – Theta Marseille

The Sea of Mer, 2011 photo by Wildstar Beaumont

The Tides – my breath was literally taken away when I first saw it – it was majestic, imaginative, crazily beautiful. I kept coming back to it like I was being lured just to stare and drink it all in. – Halfwraith Caerndow 

the Tides_001
The Tides, 2012 photo by Wildstar Beaumont

What is your favorite Faire memory?

“I wanted to share a favorite memory with you. There was a moment during a live music performance back in 2010 that I’ll never forget. Among those in attendance were two amazing dragon avatars. The stage was big, and they were sitting off to the side, enjoying the concert. After a few songs, the musician paused to talk about his reasons for supporting . It was personal for him, as it is for any of us. And you could feel from the things people were contributing to local chat that everyone there was moved by what he’d said. And I watched as those two great dragons rose to their impressive heights and then knelt before the musician. As visual metaphors go, that one was potent. It’s what I love best about the whole idea of a virtual Relay for Life. Where else can you see dragons bowing to troubadours? “ – Zander Greene 

The year I went up for auction, I figured no one really knew me, I wouldn’t make a whole lot for the Faire but I figured 10-20,000 Lindens would help at least a little. The support and love we got and the outpouring of generosity was amazing and the total just kept climbing up and up I think I started to cry about 50k in and didn’t stop for the next 1 and 1/2 hours. – AineMari Flanagan

“The Fantasy Faire Jail and Bail event! It was 2012 and I agreed to be tossed into a jail sell of the Shadow Claw sim, people had to come donate to set me free! It was a 5k cap to have my freedom back.  I also remember they had a live radio stream and the DJs were talking about me when it was my turn, I remember thinking that was so cool!” – Piper Shan

“Ah! So many. I am not sure which one I may single out, but probably it was to meet and friend Ember Farina and Zander Greene, who managed to grow this wonderful event.” – Wildstar Beaumont

What is your favourite memory of past Fantasy Faires?


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