Meet Our Sponsors: AviewTV

LaPiscean Liberty
LaPiscean Liberty, CEO and Founder of AviewTV.

Secret Rage, the COO of AviewTV, shares with us her reasons to relay, describes how AviewTV works and provides glimpses of her art and her Faire-visits.

“As the CEO and founder of creating that which is AviewTV, LaPiscean Liberty really should have been the one to do this interview. However, since he likes doing interviews about as much as he likes shopping… and since he hired me as AviewTV’s COO (aka Girl Friday) quite some time ago, he used that fact to summarily laugh and toss the request for this interview upon MY virtual desk and said, “You handle the day to day operations… you speak for AviewTV… YOU handle it”. To which I replied “Well, OK- but don’t be surprised if I toss you under the bus for not answering these questions!! ” Sooooo… you get me instead.”

Secret Rage
Secret Rage, COO of AviewTV.

This is AviewTV’s first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

AviewTV has long been a huge supporter of original content creators in Second Life, which involves community driven programming and server side services not only to Second Life – but to other virtual worlds as well. When we were asked whether we could help promote Fantasy Faire by donating server space, we were glad to do it. Fantasy Faire is a wonderfully magical and creative yearly affair that draws the community out in large numbers for a good cause… so for us it’s actually a way of helping to contribute to its success in our small way.

AView Ad

AviewTV is donating server space for our upcoming hunt. What will this mean for the hunters and how the hunt runs?

If history repeats itself, Fantasy Faire will be a veryyyy busy place! Having designated servers will help to insure quality control and bring a smoother flow to the hunt – so instead of worrying about the reliability of SL’s sometimes overwhelmed servers during the hunt, it should be able to operate much more easily which will hopefully make the hunt an even better success than it has been in the past!

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Fantasy calls me in my dreams at night and always has! They are epic tales, too… full of lush imagery. Though I embrace many art forms, my start in real life was in painting and drawing. I never tried to “develop” a style- I just let what wanted to be on my page or canvas come out on its own… it has often been described as surrealism, atmospheric or fantasy. I still do “paintings” – but now it’s freehand with a regular mouse and using GIMP.

Winds of Change by Secret Rage
Winds of Change by Secret Rage
Dark Fae by Secret Rage
Dark Fae by Secret Rage

Secret, you are involved with a lot of things in Second Life, starting from AviewTV to LEA and more. How did this begin, what drew you to this form of self-expression and made you begin both participating and forming communities around them?

Sometimes when I think of the list of things that I do in Second Life it makes me wonder how I manage to get all of them done! I started out like everyone else does, I suppose… bumbling my way around a virtual world and being amazed every day. I was introduced fairly early on to building by a very patient mentor. All at once, I had wings! In my real life, I am also an artist…but now all of a sudden a completely new medium was put before me and I loved it so much that I embraced it wholeheartedly. One of the biggest reasons for my involvement in Second Life initially was the fact that I was a caretaker for my Mother in law and it was a way to have a social and creative life without leaving home.

Though I really could talk to you all day about art projects I have either finished or am currently building and/or filming… or the interesting things that happen while functioning as an LEA Committee advisor…I would like to instead speak a bit about what is my primary job on Second Life. I work as the Chief Operating Officer – or the face, if you will… of Any daily concerns or questions we receive are generally run by me first – as sort of a traffic director. If I can’t take care of it alone I enlist the aid of the other team members.

We have the largest collection of Machinima made in SL and are diligent in both preserving and promoting SL artists and filmmakers as well as those from other virtual world platforms. The films are promoted through Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms and also through inworld art groups. As a part of my duties, each week I publish a list of films that have been submitted to AviewTV. The films come from all over the world and the great thing is that even though many of the machinimatographers featured are from countries other than the US, they still communicate quite well as film is overall a universal language.

I think that AviewTV is important to not only Second Life and its history, but to real life as well because the emergence of machinima has resulted in it now being considered as film in its own right. I work closely with Petlove Petshop and Emmo Wei who are super prolific machinima artists themselves – as well as being the professional and brilliant minds in charge of the Broadcasting Department for AviewTV and who also work to set up filming the projects we do as the AviewTV Stream Team. LaPiscean Liberty rounds out the team as CEO and handles the development and concept design both of AviewTV and its sister station, Together we all form a very strong, dedicated and cohesive unit in AviewTV.

Petlove Petshop and Emmo Wei
Petlove Petshop and Emmo Wei

Do you have a personal favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

I have gone to FF every year it’s been held so far, usually in the company of friends. They were all unique experiences and every year has been amazing. Last year, I changed that up and attended mostly by myself and adored exploring Fantasy Faire and seeing the spectacular scenery and products created by some of the most talented of Second Life creators at my own pace and had fun playing around taking pictures of my avatar dressed in true FF fashion.

Secret Rage at Fantasy Faire
Secret Rage at Fantasy Faire
Secret Rage at Faire 2
Secret Rage at Fantasy Faire

This year, the cause that Fantasy Faire supports – Relay for Life – means more to me personally than in the previous years. I lost my Mother in law to advanced breast cancer on March 21. Though she had a clean bill of health for several years after her double mastectomy and chemotherapy, cancer was still lurking there and spread itself quickly and quietly to her lungs as well. It made me suddenly all too aware that we can’t become complacent in the fight against cancer – there is still too much we don’t know about it and far too many people still losing their loved ones.

Thank you, Secret, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you for helping the Fairelands hunters to have a stabler experience and thank you for all you do for the Second Life community!


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