The hunters are coming….

The past days I have sort of moved in into The Palace of Tears, while working on photo’s, trying out outfits and writing blogposts. A nice and quiet Palace, all for myself!

But now….the Hunt has begun and the hunters are coming…I have  been watching them….

Palace of Tears - I

They are hunting, in the diningrooms, the gardens that surround the Palace….

Palace of Tears - II

Palace of Tears - III

Me? I will move on, I will find another place to hide and watch people…*me packs up her stuff and waves at the hunters…

If you are a hunter, or want to become one, you can find all information here! Also, I do recommend to take the time and look around, The Palace of Tears is magnificent and there is so much to see.
In fact, even if you do not participate in the hunt, it is worth a visit to enjoy the building and all the artworks in and around the Palace.

Happy hunting!



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