Prepare for the Faire!

Fantasy Faire 2014 will take place in the Fairelands unlike anything you’ve seen before, the lands change shape every year and every year they become better.

The Faire will happen in early May, the exact dates to mark on the calendar are May 1-11.

There are currently no applications for merchants. The Faire is old and established and there are plenty of creators who are as much an integral part of it as the Fairelands themselves and we will first scribe in those registrations.

The first invitations to the merchants will be sent out by the end of February.

The open applications for merchants will begin some time after March 15th.

Keep an eye on the site: as soon as there are more news, we will let you know!


7 thoughts on “Prepare for the Faire!”

    1. I’m sure there’d be a Mount Doom related magi-natural disaster in the Fairelands if you weren’t right there in that spot!

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