Thank you

Fairelands Junction III

Dear Friends,

Once again we are coming to an end of the Fantasy Faire. If you are like me, you will approach this ending with a mixture of feelings. I am exhausted. I need a good night’s sleep that doesn’t begin sometime around when the sun is ready to begin it’s day. I need to go to the grocery store. I need to do laundry. Happily I did find time to shower in the past week so at least that isn’t on my immediate needs list. I also need to clarify.

I am joyfully exhausted. I need a good night’s sleep because I have been awake too long doing work I am passionate about. I need to catch up on mundane chores that were set aside because I was sending all my time and energy into a cause I believe in with my whole heart. I need to express my deepest gratitude, appreciation and respect to the amazing group of people from all over the world that I have spent the last weeks working along side. I can’t believe just 18 days ago we received ten empty sims that in the interim have become ten living, breathing worlds with stories and memories of their own. Ten worlds which are now facing the sunset surrounded by loved ones who will morn their passing while simultaneously celebrating their existence.

But the Fairelands are more then just the beauty of the sims that come together for a handful of days each spring. The Fairelands are the people, designers and merchants, visitors and relayers, who come together as a community during the span of the Fantasy Faire. Our lands may be destined to sink, but our spirit, the spirit of our community forges on. Strong in the memory of the time we have spent together. Strong in the happiness of ties we have newly made or reinforced. Strong in the knowledge of the money we have raised for Relay for Life. Strong in the hope of a future that will include more birthdays.

We come together united in a fight against a common foe, but it is not the reason we stay together after the Faire ends. A common thread binds us all. We believe we can change the world. We are world builders and as such we have envisioned a world of our own making where cancer is no longer the destroyer of lives and families. Every year we come together in this virtual place and build worlds and see them disappear for one reason, because we believe that by doing this we can change our physical world. Mold it to our desire. Use our dreams to overcome the nightmare that is cancer.

In the past ten days, we as a community have done what we never expected to do. One by one we blew through our goals. We broke records. We proved that even though economies may be struggling, commitment has never been stronger. Everyone came and gave what they could. Gave more than we ever dared dream possible. And now we are at a place that is so beyond what we thought we could do that we never even planned for it. We are pioneers, and we have done something extraordinary. We are within half a million lindens of being the most successful fund raising event to ever take place within a virtual world. We are not only within striking distance of making history, we are setting an example of what is possible that will be the benchmark for all future endeavors.

Each one of you is a hero to me. Thank you for allowing me to share this story with you.



5 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. Thank you, Elizabeth, Zander and everyone, for another fabulous Faire and for allowing us to share in it.

  2. Eliz. I hope you sleep well. This was a wonderful event and I felt much was accomplished during the days it has run. I will look forward to this one coming around again when it does. I wish I could say that I did everything – but we realize that that rarely gets done – it is after all much like a theme park. So much to do.

    I would like at this time to find a few people to lay in the grass now and just chat with and maybe discuss highlights.

    Ukyo Ashdene

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