The Wisdom of Heraclitus

I’m anything but a child IRL but when the end of something very pleasant is close – be it my long awaited holidays, a slice of my favourite cake or, indeed, the annual Fantasy Faire – I’m always sad a bit. All right, one can go back to one’s favourite seashore, one can cut another slice of cake, but the Faire…? It is so unique and irrepetable. Its ephemeral wonders once gone, they are gone forever.


… but wait for a second. When the Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated, almost 2500 years ago, that “No man ever steps in the same river twice”, he didn’t limit the validity of his statement to holidays, delicious meals or events. I may return to the seashore or bake another cake, but the shoreline might be changed by then, and the cake might taste differently… on the other hand, the miracles of the 2013 Fantasy Faire will be gone soon, but we will be treated to new wonders in a year. And all is well like this.


In this year’s Faire I’ve almost been eaten by a gigantic orchid (all right, I should have known better, one does not fly close to a carnivorous plant when one is a tiny dragon), assisted to the ascension to Heaven of a very naked penguin, talked happily to old friends, made some new ones (or, at least, I hope so!)… and while I’ll remember these wonderful moments for a long time, I’m not truly unhappy that they’re gone. New adventures are always around the corner.


…but wait for a second, again! The Faire is not yet over, not at all! And I haven’t seen that chocolate fountain at the Ravenshard yet… and the auctions! And… my apologies, I must scurry back to Wonderland!


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