Live Auction on Sunday!

FF13 - Fairechylde Auction PictureWant to own a piece of the Fairelands? Now you can! The Live Auction on Sunday will feature some of the best and most loved parts of the Fairelands that you can buy and take home with you!

TLGLotusValleyDreamDragonAdThere will also be spectacular offers from some of our sponsors and merchants this year, including one of a kind Dwarfins and a fatpack of all skins by The Plastik, ever.

One of a Kind Dwarfin Rorek RockbeardThere will be Faireland sim builds, special locations and constructions and a special version of the Magnificat’s boats available for your bidding pleasure! You can see the full auction list here. The auction will take place in Valley of Ish’Nar at 4pm SLT and after the auction there will be a dance party in the same location to celebrate the revealed valley and to enjoy its beauty. Come join us in Valley of Ish’Nar!

{RW} Yuale Nura Jail - FF 2013


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