Meet Our Sponsors ~ F*cking Ninjas

FN Gathering of the Elements by Tess FalworthDoll Galthie of F*cking Ninjas shares with us her vision on what fantasy is and should be. Her shop is not only offering epic poses to bring out the true depth of your character, but she also brought special artwork based on those poses to the Faire!

What is your favorite fantasy book/movie/rock album. Feel free to elaborate on this and explain why. That is of course the most interesting part.

Holly Black, author of Tithe and the Spiderwick Chronicles, really started it all for me, personally. It was the first time that fairy tales were naughty, and that fantasy can be dark. But we’ve always been more than just that. We’re truly inspired by the underbelly of second life, those specialty avatars like the 1st Act and Mermaids. Who the hell wants to be human all the time? Who just wants to show off that you can slap a skin with some good hair together in a photograph? No, we wanna capture everyone’s inner epicness, their real fantasies that daydream about at work. That’s what fantasy means for us.

What is your most memorable Faire experience. This is the fifth Fantasy Faire and I know all of you have been to at least one of these before, some of you have been to all five! So share some of the highlights as you remember them.

I actually haven’t…. sorry.

Show us your RFL items for this year or at least give us some sneak peeks!

We’re going beyond our regular merchandise and also creating artwork. Two of Second Life’s artists, Tess Falworth and Emaline Resident, will be creating exclusive posters using our pose creations.

FN Ranger Girl by Tess Falworth

FN The SummoningWe’re tapping into our fan base’s favorite poses throughout our existence, and making new items that are sure to amaze and suit their fancies. We are a top competitor in all things fantasy, not just medieval, but real fantasy. We’re catering to their inner sluts, their epic bad asses, their kings and queens of darkness. Their blood thirst, their sense of adventure, the need for whimsy.

If you met someone who had never been to the Fantasy Faire before, what would you say to them?

“You should go, yo”

All the extra stuff no one ever thinks to ask but you are burning to share.

We were asked recently why we started doing what we do, because we’re not like any other store. My co-owner and myself both said because our needs weren’t being met by the designers and creators of second life. We all come to Second Life to be, and look, and tell the stories of our fictional selves. You’re not a vampire, a werewolf, or a drug dealer. Your name isn’t something that means ‘ultimate darkness’ in Japanese. You’re not rich, you ain’t no damn MMA champion, and half the shit you type out wouldn’t come out your damn mouth for real, yo. BUT! If you did know karate, could pick your own name, and you could tell your boss to go fuck himself/herself, you totally would do at least half the shit you’ve done in Second Life. You’d run around as an epic badass til the cows came home. Right on. Your avatar is the asshole / slut / invincible harbinger of death you wish you could be. You don’t want to just show off how hot your avatar is in a picture, you want to show yourself wielding fire, or as a Gorean Jarl enjoying a swill of mead off your slaves, or you’re a woman bounty hunter slamming your caught criminal into a wall, an angel ascending into heaven asking God for forgiveness, or a mermaid dragging a sailor off the boat into the murky depths. We serve and are inspired by the underbelly of Second Life, and we want to help tell their stories.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Doll, and thank you for sharing your vision of fantasy!FN Rover by Tess Falworth


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