Meet Our Sponsors ~ L’Uomo

mirocollasMiro Collas of L’Uomo is bringing his masculine mesh avatars to the Faire and with him he also brings several other creators who collaborate with him to provide skins and different outfits for these avatars. L’Uomo’s vision of male avatars adds yet another direction and option for customizing your look beyond the limits of the base shape. Read on to find more about the collaboration and his personal fantasy favourites!

What is your favorite fantasy book/movie/rock album. Feel free to elaborate on this and explain why. That is of course the most interesting part.

Hmmm… favorite books include:
– Canticle for Leibowitz, Walter M. Miller, Jr.
– Earth Abides, George R. Stewart
– The City and the Stars, Arthur C. Clarke

Favorite movies:
– Lawrence of Arabia
– 2001
– Lilies

Why these? Because they are wonderfully original, unique stories, that make you think. I don’t enjoy a film that is little more than a vehicle for the latest special effects. I enjoy a plot, a book or film with substance.

As for music, I generally prefer classical, or…
– Loreena McKennitt
– Randy Crawford
– Deep Forest
– E.S. Posthumous

What is your most memorable Faire experience. This is the fifth Fantasy Faire and I know all of you have been to at least one of these before, some of you have been to all five! So share some of the highlights as you remember them.

Hum, I think last year, the impromptu steel band playing. That was brilliant and great fun! 🙂

Show us your RFL items for this year or at least give us some sneak peeks!

This year, I am participating as part of a group: I make male mesh avatars, and the others participating with me make skins and accessories for them. The pictures included are *some* of the RFL items which will be offered.

bayns - the hero

Luomo - prodigal - drow skin flesh

If you met someone who had never been to the Fantasy Faire before, what would you say to them?

The faire is a must-see! It is so worth seeing the amazing sim builds each year, they just seem to get more and more impressive. Then of course there is the huge variety of unique items being offered, and the many things to do. I would recommend it even if I were not personally involved. I think it is the best event happening in SL.

Thank you, Miro, for taking the time to chat with us and sharing your vision with us!



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