Daily Recap: Sunday

Fantasy Faire 2013 - Lumenaria 2 - Photo by Villemo InglewoodSunday night brought with it the wonderful news that the Faire had gathered already over three million linden dollars for Relay For Life! The sum was expected to reach that level some time Monday, but seems this year we are early! Wonderful job relaying, Faire folks!

Earlier on the Faire had witnessed the jail and bail trial of Yuna Yuadl (no petites were harmed during the case, at least not permanently) and enjoyed plenty of live music by Ganjo Mokeev, followed by Drones and Drums.

Speaking of music, the Faire continues offering plenty of it during the week: check out our Entertainment Schedule to find out about DJ schedules and live music events!

Today we have live music by Lisa Brune starting at 1pm and several wonderful DJs following her performance. The live music events happen in American Cancer Society sim (just east of the Fairelands Junction) to make sure the party does not add any lag to the Fairelands. The DJ sets take place in different sims, depending where the whim of the bards takes them. You can hear them throughout the Fairelands on Fantasy Faire Radio though, just enable the music stream and you’re set!

Speaking of Fantasy Faire Radio, see the dragon-carried-airship above? That’s the FaireChylde, owned by Zander Greene, the homebase for Fantasy Faire Radio. You can spot the FaireChylde in the skies if you are lucky, she is quite a sight to see! Last night she was found above the Valley of Ish’Nar, but who knows where she’ll fly next! Sometimes the DJs will broadcast from her deck and I have also heard rumours of parties involving pixie girls and tinies happening, not that I would know anything of such matters. No. Never.

Come join us at the Faire!

The Fantasy Faire 2013 is made possible by the generous support of our Sim and Event Sponsors: æros avatar, The Arcanum, Cerridwen’s Cauldron, Dark Goddess Designs, Dwarfins, Epic Toy Factory, Fallen Gods Inc., Fanavatar & Moonstruck, FATEWear, F*cking Ninjas, Oceania Breedables, The Looking Glass,  L’Uomo, Roawenwood, –= Solarium =–, Spyralle,  T R I D E N T.


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