Meet Our Sponsors ~ The Looking Glass


Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee are the creators behind The Looking Glass, the sponsor for Lotus Valley Dream. Marcus and Sharni are not only sponsoring the sim, they also designed it so much of the beautiful Asian decor you see as you wander through Lotus Valley will be part of their RFL collection for this year. Marcus and Sharni are long time participants in the Fantasy Faire and we are thrilled as always to have them designing and sponsoring again this year! Please see their interview from 2011 to find out more about their history in SL and why Marcus and Sharni Relay.


What is your favorite fantasy book/movie/rock album. Feel free to elaborate on this and explain why. That is of course the most interesting part.

Favorite fantasy movies: Dark Crystal for its amazing art and immersive depiction of a truly fantastic world. That movie has been a huge inspiration for us. The Princess Bride and Stardust are fun favorites too.

What is your most memorable Faire experience. This is the fifth Fantasy Faire and I know all of you have been to at least one of these before, some of you have been to all five! So share some of the highlights as you remember them.

The whole thing. We spend so much of our time working and once Fantasy Faire starts its a huge treat for us to get to relax for that week and see what everyone’s created and hang out on all the gorgeous sims. We’ve met some of our best friends here and its always a joy for us.

If you met someone who had never been to the Fantasy Faire before, what would you say to them?

Obviously you’ve been in Second Life for less than a year. 🙂 Have we got a treat for you!!!

All the extra stuff no one ever thinks to ask but you are burning to share.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.


What inspired your sim. Give us your background story. We know you have one!

We had a tough time coming up with a theme this year- but once we thought of the oriental style it just clicked. Of course! Like there was never any other answer. We’ve always loved the Asian styles and especially gardens and architecture which is perfect for a Fantasy Faire sim. So we ran with it 🙂

Thank you Marcus and Sharni for taking a few minutes away from building Lotus Valley Dream to chat with us. The sneak peeks of the sim make us all the more excited to visit! See you at the Faire!



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