The Jails of the Fantasy Faire

This year, just like year’s past at the Fantasy Faire, the Friends Fighting Cancer team are holding a Jail and Bail events all week long.

Each sim has a ”fantasy jail” on it, and various questionable “character” we know and love are being nefariously, and I would say dubiously charged and locked up, and a bail set by the Sheriff office of the Fantasy Faire.

Convicts will be assigned to a jail on one of the sims.

DJs that are on the stream help encourage the folks shopping to come and donate bail funds and help set these “characters” free.

The Sheriff will generally put people in jail for about an hour at a time and they can raise as much bail as possible during that time. The convicts are encouraged to call on all their friends to help as well.

So if you like the looks of one of these place, just keep an eye out for a cute cuddly bear in a Sheriff outfit and give them a smack and I quite sure they will give you want you want, a nice cold steel cage.

And thanks to Bain Finch, we found were those that don’t make bail go. But so far they remain empty.


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