The Faire is Being Held Hostage!

Sad news from the Fairelands today. We have been locked out of the Fairelands by the Grid Gremlins! The Faire is being held hostage, and I myself have been caught and hung up with the threat of being drowned in chocolate!

Help me and help the Faire! We might not be able to log in to Second Life but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep Relaying. Show SL we will not be be locked out! Support the Faire and help get me free from my precarious predicament. Donate now directly to our Convio site and let’s give those Grid Gremlins a true kick in the pants!

Thank you so much to Saffia Widdershins and Ethereal Faerye for being with me in Jail in spirit if not in body today. They were both to be marched into the cells today but SL had other plans so donate not just for me, not just for the Faire but for Saffia and Ethereal and all the 1000s of people who have joined us across the grid this week in our fight against Cancer!

We make the story every day. Go Relay!


2 thoughts on “The Faire is Being Held Hostage!”

  1. awww, can’t you please extend the faire a little bit, we are all locked out today!! there isn’t time to see everything 😦

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