Meet our World Builders – Laufey Markestein

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Interview by Dagmar Haiku

As an Event Sponsor in 2011, the creators behind T R I D E N T,  Laufey Markestein and Rossana Llewellyn, have already had the pleasure of completing one interview for Fantasy Faire. They spoke about where they pull the inspiration from for their creations and why they became involved with the Fantasy Faire. This year not only is T R I D E N T sponsoring Shadow’s Claw, but Laufey also designed it.

1. This isn’t your first Fantasy Faire but its your first year as sim sponsor. What are you looking forward to the most at the Fantasy Faire?
As with the other Fantasy Faires, looking forward for an event that allows us to focus on creating an immersive environment while contributing to a good cause. Best of both worlds,really.

2. Many of the items you create and sell at T R I D E N T can be used in roleplay. Are you roleplayers yourself?
Yes we are, both worlds. In RL I’ve been a storyteller/gamemaster for over 20 years, Rossana one of my players. In SL we’ve focused on RP in our first/second year,but then creative work expanded so much that we simply aren’t left with much time for it,sadly.

3. How did you start building in Second Life? Do you remember the first item you ever sold?
Rossana’s first item ever was the “Lunnitsa Set”, a necklace and earrings based on real life archeological findings. I worked lots on my drakkars (viking ships) and thought I’d begin with those,but in the end it was long halls and lighthouses I completed and sold first.

4. Rossana, you build jewellery while Laufey builds bigger items. Do you sometimes work at builds together or does everybody of you has his or her own section?
We tend to have very separate styles and sections, but we do collaborate on some accessories, like belts and backpacks.

5. Do you remember the reason why you joined Second Life? Does it offer you ways to be creative you normally would not have?
We joined at first for the RP community, but yes, of course it does an incredible outlet for creativity, and that’s what caught our focus.

6. In the last interview you spoke about your lifelong interest in medieval design. Do you remember how that interest was triggered? Was there a book you read as child or some other defining point that sparked your interest in this time period?
I could go on forever quoting sources, from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, to John Boorman’s 1981 movie “Excalibur”, and many others, but for the both of us it’s always been a passion that’s always been there.

7. Back to the Fantasy Faire. Do you already know what kind of Relay for Life donation items you will create this year and will you be jailbirds?
We’ll be traveling RL during the fair,so,alas,no jailbird experience. And I’ll keep the items a secret, I’ll just say you’ll be able to see them featured on Shadow’s Claw before they’re put on auction *smiles*.

8. Fantasy Faire is an excellent way to educate and inform people about RFL. What would you like to see people take away from the Fantasy Faire?
Positive thinking.

No matter how dark an environment can be, ultimately it’s all about human imagination and creativity, bringing to life something that wasn’t there.

Thank you so much Laufey for sharing your artistic vision with us. To see more of Laufey’s and Rossana’s work, visit T R I D E N T.


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