The Stories of the Fairelands

We are amazed to see that so many people enjoy the Fairelands Saga Hunt.

The Fantasy Faire is not only about doing something good as it raises money for Relay for Life its also about being creative.
So we want your creativity.
Write a story which might fit into one of the books of the
Fairelands Saga Hunt.
There are 8 books which can be filled with stories about the

and of course the Faireland Saga book itself.

So brush the dust of your pens and start writing. Of course you also can take pictures to illustrate your stories.
When being done send everything to me – Dagmar Haiku.
We will put the stories and pictures onto the website to each book (they should be pg rated because of this). Enjoy writing its all about the fun and the fame.

If you would like to see an example for a story look at the our Website:
Jackie Mondalimare wrote the first story for the books of the Fairelands. Her story is about a lost tribe in Nu Orne. Have fun reading.

Dagmar Haiku
Fantasy Faire Press Dragon


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