Meet our Sim Sponsors – Zachh Barkley

Interview by Dagmar Haiku

Zachh Barkley, the owner of The Arcanum has been a Fantasy Faire sponsor since the first Faire four years ago. You can read his 2011 interview for the Fantasy Faire website where Zachh speaks about his reasons for being involved with Relay for Life and the Faire. He also spoke about his start and inspiration as a creator in  Second Life. This year he is sponsoring Nu Orne, the lush enchanted jungle that is home to a hermit wizard. Let’s spend some time chatting with Zachh.

1. Why did you call your Store The Arcanum?
Arcanum is a play on the word Arcane. Which is what we’re all about. Magic, wonder and imagination all call Arcanum home. In Latin, Arcanum means “Well kept secret(s)”.

2. Petites are a big theme in the roleplay community since they have been released. Do you create items for them too?
When I was told that Petites were exploding I was asked to make some magic for them, and I happily started doing so. The Petite Wand of Sorcery is now available for 150L. 🙂

3. How do you spend your time in Second Life? Do you only build and create?
I spend my time here working, creating and trying to socialize when I can. If it only becomes about work, it loses its flavor, and I never want to be bored of Second Life.  So I try and get out and see things when I can.

4. You helped developing the latest Mad Pea Hunt, Sanity Falls. How did you get in contact with Mad Pea?
I met Kiana Writer, Madpea’s owner. We hit it off very well, and it became apparent that we are both writers, dreamers and creative directors. So we decided to start coming up with new games and stories together. Sanity Falls was our first project together, and hopefully there will be many more to come.

5. For using your HUDs to fight do you need to wear a special meter or do they work with Linden Damage?
All of my HUDs are standalone. They don’t require special equipment or meters to work. They do Linden Damage. I’ve been asked to do some meter damage too, so perhaps I will eventually.

6. You do not only sponsor a sim, you also sell donation items. What kind of items are that and why did you choose them to be your donation items?
I donate little things here and there that Arcanum may not be as  well known for – such as special clothing or objects. Its my way of saying, “Here, take this and help us give back to charity.” While at the same time the customers gets something uncommon to our mainstream customers.

Visit The Arcanum and see what if feels like to have magic floating in the palm of your hand. Thank you Zachh for chatting with us!


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